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Social media is no longer just a place to connect with old friends and share pictures of our dinners. It has become a vital platform for brands to learn about their audiences and engage with them. Advertising and customer care  sit side by side, helping existing customers and reaching more relevant potential audience members. As a result, social selling is a massive source of conversions for many brands. In this article, we will discuss 4 effective social selling tips that will help your Shopify store reach more customers.

Remember to keep Social Selling social

If you want to listen to and have discussions with your customers, then you should be on social media. If you don’t want to hear from customers, then social media is not the place for your business.

It’s that simple.

No one likes speaking with someone who only speaks about themselves, or constantly talks over others. You don’t really listen to them after a while. Being trapped in a face to face conversation with a person like this only makes you think about how to escape. On social media it’s no different. Except your customers can just scroll on, not having to wonder how to escape.

As a brand, you should be listening just as much as you are talking. Social media can give you valuable insight into your customer’s interests and behaviours that will help you to build messaging that really resonates with customers and builds loyalty.

The rule with social media is don’t broadcast – discuss.

Tell Stories

You have followers, and you may have caught the interest of some potential buyers. But your work is far from over. You now have to engage consumers. First get them interested,  then keep them interested. There are many ways you can engage your followers like providing useful information or hosting contests, but storytelling is probably the most powerful way to get consumers interested in your brand.

Don’t worry if you don’t like writing. Storytelling doesn’t need to be written words. Some of the best social media storytelling is done through video or photos.

Tell stories about your products; how they came to be, how they make life easier, how they have helped other people. Share stories about your business; announce new products, show behind the scenes, your inspiration and up and coming events.

Make Posts Shoppable

There are over 500 million users on Instagram, and with Shopify you can let them browse and buy directly from your store, on Instagram.

Add product stickers to any of your stories, or tag your products in posts, and when customers click on the tag, they will be taken straight to your Shopify store. Tagging your own posts is free and simple to set up. Firstly, you need to upgrade your Instagram account to a business account, which is totally free. In addition, you will need the Facebook channel activated within Shopify, with an approved Facebook store.

You can then simply go to your Shopify admin area and select Instagram in the add sales channels drop down.

Be easy to find

Social selling is all about fun, convenience and personal connection. Familiarity. You need to be present on every social media platform your target audience uses. On every platform, you should set up an account with your brand name so that customers can find you easily. If you can’t have your brand name, try a close variation.

When browsing with the Instagram Explore feature, posts shown in the shopping channel are personalised for users based on their interests and style. Linking your Shopify with your business Instagram account and tagging products in posts will allow people to see your posts in their shopping feeds. This exposure to an actively interested audience is invaluable.

Despite growing popularity of other platforms, 88% of people aged 18-29 still use Facebook, and social selling on Facebook is huge. For brands, one of the big advantages of Facebook is the precision with which it lets you target ads and boosted posts. When you pay to promote with Facebook, your ads are also shown in Instagram, so even if a customer never goes into Facebook, the fact that they have a live account is enough for them to see your offers in Instagram.

If you’re not already selling with Shopify you can sign up for a 14 day free trial and set up a store in minutes. If you already have a Shopify store but want to do more with social selling, custom Shopify designs can be built to integrate or even mirror your most successful social channels.

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