eBay templates on a budget

Over the last 15 years Frooition have worked tirelessly to create and refine the perfect eBay listing layout. Showing huge growth for sellers through well thought layout, intelligent features and powerful cross promotion.

To help newer sellers we have distilled the proven layout & functionality from our professional design services to create a lower priced offering: the Minimal eBay Theme

The minimal theme combines the outstanding mobile responsive layout, powerful Frooition eBay software, and proven features outlined below.

Minimal eBay template design
Minimal eBay template design

Minimal Theme Features:

  • 3 column product page design
    • Dynamic categories that auto update Unique
    • Dynamic cross-promotion Unique
    • Mobile responsive & compliant
    • Fixed gallery layout
    • Seller info tabs
  • Frooition Software Access
  • 1 month hosting and delivery

Frooition Software:

  • List directly to eBay
  • Update live listings
  • Bulk apply design
  • Update promotions & terms
  • Generate templates for all listing tools
  • Full software features

No design process:

  • Upload your logo/company name in a simple form
  • Full & rapid design installation
  • One-click apply the design to your live products


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