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Frooition Case Study Direct Plants
Frooition Case Study Direct Plants
Frooition Case Study Direct Plants

Service: Bigcommerce e-commerce website design

Covid-19 / Corona Virus update:

“Since the outbreak, we are seeing up to a 70% increase in sales to the same point as last year – we are seeing increased sales from all areas, people are using this lockdown to make use of their garden space, we are seeing many people trying online ordering for the first time and being impressed of the efficiency & ease of ordering through a website like BigCommerce!Our yearly increase is looking now approx 600%!!! compared to our old Open Cart site!

Customers are just happy to have a link of normality in shopping online, but also being able to make their gardens better.

We have put in strict social distancing between staff, drivers & ourselves, all staff are health checked each morning before entering site aswell.”

Shaun O’Brian – Direct Plants

My name is Shaun O’Brien from Direct Plants Ltd – a nursery set in the heart of the Norfolk countryside. We’re a multi-channel eCommerce retailer and sell a full range of outdoor garden plants and trees. A mail-order only business we deliver nursery fresh plants & trees to our customers throughout the country.

We began online trading on eBay in early 2006 before expanding to Amazon and then launching our first website. However, within a few months of trading, we realised we could no longer support all three shopping channels without new software to handle sales and stock levels.

We tried and tested many early models and in 2010 we settled on a system. It had its flaws but we had no choice but to accept them. We struggled with this system for many years but it was never quite right, There were always issues which only became more serious as our business grew and order volumes increased.

The platform we were using was very outdated and could no longer handle our increased volume of orders and the number of products we stocked. There were major issues with under & overselling across the main marketplaces and channels not updating orders correctly. Added to this the website was very slow but we had no way of resolving these problems with the platform we were using. In December 2018 we made the massive decision to temporality close our existing website and search for a solution.

Frooition eCommerce websites?

We approached Frooition in early 2019. We had used Frooition for our eBay design since 2010, so already had some experience with the company. Up to this point, I wasn’t aware that Frooition also provided website design and build services. But after browsing their portfolio I was very impressed!

When I first explained our issues to Andy P & Andy E at Frooition, they were very understanding. They knew exactly what we had gone through and how they could resolve the issues we faced. They swiftly offered us a range of options fully explaining every option in great depth. And they were happy to answer the many questions I had for them.

Due to the complexity of switching to a new platform, it was a very daunting and worrying time for us. Our peak spring/summer season was quickly approaching so a decision had to be made. But the guys at Frooition took the time to answer all my concerns. They were very confident in what they were offering and made a detailed action plan with realistic timescales, along with keeping within our budget. We had looked at other design companies but they were quoting tens of thousands of pounds with unrealistic time scales. We decided to go ahead and asked Frooition to build our new website.

The plan:

The action plan and solution for our business was to use the BigCommerce eCommerce platform for our main website and to use Linnworks for our multi-channel selling. Frooition introduced us to both providers and after some initial trials and examples with both providers our decision was made. We felt very confident and gave Frooition the go-ahead to complete the eCommerce project.

Frooition instantly got to work and handled all the organising impeccably. They actually suggested that we started using Linnworks as our multi-channel tool instantly for eBay and Amazon whilst they were designing the new website. We never knew this was possible but this option allowed us to switch from our problematic platform to Linnworks immediately.

Both Frooition and Linnworks handled the multichannel switch over in less than a few hours over the course of one morning. It was like a breath of fresh air using Linnworks and we could see straight away how efficient the tool is. Orders instantly started coming into the system from eBay and Amazon and stock was updating correctly. Linnworks provided training during the switchover and by the end of the week we knew we had made the correct decision.

It was like a weight was lifted off our shoulders. Linnworks really did take the stresses out of multi-channel selling instantly! One of the key features we love about Linnworks is the additional users. The system allows you to give staff your chosen level of permission and for the first time in our company’s history I can trust and feel confident in allowing my staff to handle more of our day-to-day operations. This frees up valuable time for myself to focus on expanding the business.

Building the site:

We then literally sat back and watched Frooition build our new website. They kept us up to date during all of the design stages and set up training sessions to show us how powerful Big Commerce is. The date finally came when the website was ready to launch. We couldn’t have been happier with the outcome and the final design. The launch was handled professionally and as scheduled.

We soon started using the many features BigCommerce had to offer, including cart level discounts, multi buy options and much more. One of the great things Big Commerce allows you to do is handle promotions, add features via its apps and make changes. This provides a massive cost saving for on-going projects, but if things get too technical for ourselves, we email Frooition with the idea or problem and they quote us to handle to the work directly, and they never fail to impress! Frooition’s communication, professionalism and understanding of an eCommerce business is the best service I have ever experienced.

They offer a no hassle, non-pushy sales process, which allows us to feel in control of our business at every step.

Amazing results:

We have been using BigCommerce and Linnworks for six months with Frooition design. We have seen an increase in direct online website sales of up to 60% compared to our busiest year when using our old platform, and are set to turnover 1.5m in sales for 2019.

In addition to increased sales, the one thing we are most happy with is that we finally feel confident and can trust a solution which is a fully updateable platform. It gives us all the tools and solutions to allow us to scale up and continue to grow in the future. Along with Frooition being our main partner in helping us achieve our goals.

…we finally feel confident and can trust a solution which is a fully updateable platform

eBay Award Winning!

I’m also pleased to confirm Direct Plants Ltd has won the eBay business award 2019 for the specialist product category. We can honestly say that Frooition with our eBay shop design and Linnworks for the multi-channel selling solutions has certainly helped grow our eBay business to what it is today. We are also excited to confirm we now have recently agreed future plans with Frooition to update our eBay branding and also handle our Amazon brand storefront which should be completed in early 2020.

Frooition Case Study Approved Performance

Service: Bigcommerce e-commerce website design

Approved Performance are an aftermarket, OEM replacement parts seller based out of Bloomingdale Illinois, run by Keith Boyer. Approved Performance sell superior vehicle parts for breaking systems, hubs and shafts.

The products are fantastic, priced at a level where they are competitive with OEM parts but far superior in quality they provide genuine value for customers.

The issues with fitment data…

The biggest problem for the customer is finding the part that fits their vehicle, sometimes opting for inferior products, at higher prices to guarantee fitment. The other option is taking the risk on a product, only to find it doesn’t fit, return the product and start the search all over again.

Keith started selling parts through Amazon in 2014 after being invited to sell on the platform. In order to sell motor parts on Amazon, sellers need to provide a catalog of fitment data to let customers choose fitment.

Initially Approved Performance had a catalog of parts and fitment which enabled them to have vehicle fitment in their Amazon products.

However, there were inaccuracies in the data and some of the information was not specific enough as parts differ between drivetrains, fuel types and engines. These inaccuracies led to high return rates and dissatisfied customers.

Frustrated with high return rates and spiraling return freight charges, Keith got in contact with the team at PartsConnect.

PartsConnect repaired the fitment data, bringing in additional options to increase the specificity of a vehicle. Once the data was re-worked Keith was able to update his entire Amazon inventory with 1 click.

He immediately saw huge changes in returns and freight costs.

As well as selling via Amazon, Keith also sells on eBay. EBay’s system already allows for pretty detailed parts fitment using K-types so there was less of a problem. Keith wanted to become more professional on eBay so took on the services of Frooition to provide a more professional design for eBay.

Frooition Case Study Approved Performance
Frooition Case Study Approved Performance

My Amazon returns rate went from 7-8% to 1% just from using the correct vehicle fitment data and PartsConnect.

Keith – Approved Performance

Stepping into e-commerce:

Now that Approved Performance was Multi-channel, Keith wanted to build an e-commerce website but was eager to not repeat the issues he had faced on Amazon. Keith went to the PartsConnect team to ask if they could help.

PartsConnect were delighted to help Keith with his website data, however they are focused on fitment data and building software to help parts sellers, not providers of design and branding. PartsConnect reached out to the Bigcommerce partnership team to see if there were any partners that could help build Keith a brand.

By happy coincidence Frooition were introduced as the e-commerce design experts.

Building the ultimate buying experience:

Over the course of 6 weeks, Frooition, PartsConnect and Approved Performance worked together to build a beautiful looking website that drives customers directly through to the right parts for their vehicle in the least number of clicks. Every click between a customer entering a site and finding a product reduces conversions. Together we strived to reduce that user journey to the bare minimum.

Approved Performance built a custom search widget for the store that asks for up to 8 pieces of information about the buyer’s vehicle. Almost immediately the parts are brought straight to the customer, filtering the results from several thousand to a handful of perfect fitting parts.

Frooition then built a custom e-commerce brand for Keith and worked seamlessly with PartsConnect to ensure the search functionality was truly incorporated into the design. As well as styling the site and building the brand, Frooition helped build a custom flow through the store as the standard category, brand and search functionality was no longer required.

The Results:

The results of this collaboration are a unique buying experience for buyers, they can feel assured that the parts they are buying are correct. There is very little room for error as buyers only see the products that fit their vehicle.

The technology and design flow together provide a great experience, minimal confusion and have built a fantastic store ready to slash returns and vastly improve conversion rates.

It was a great partnership to work with both Frooition and PartsConnect. It was a great learning experience and a pleasure to work with two companies that had the same goals as I do. They were both very responsive to my needs.

Keith – Approved Performance

If you would like to discuss working with Frooition and PartsConnect get in touch with us today and we will arrange a joint conversation.

Frooition Case Study Sarah Kadlic
Frooition Case Study Sarah Kadlic
Frooition Case Study Sarah Kadlic

Service: Shopify e-commerce website design & eBay design

Like many successful eBay businesses, Sarah Kadlic started out on eBay by selling some of her own things from around her house. When she had no unwanted items left to sell, she decided to try selling one of her paintings.

Having always painted as a hobby, Sarah decided to try listing one of her paintings. She had never sold her art before and was unsure how people would respond to them. After a couple of weeks with no responses, Sarah began to lose confidence and went to take the listing down.

It was when she went to take the listing down that she saw someone had commented saying how much they liked the painting and asking if it could be made a little larger. Sarah was overjoyed. This was all the confirmation she needed to know that there was a market for her paintings. Sarah sold her first painting on eBay for $10 profit. Ebay had helped Sarah to monetize her hobby. She was happy, but what she didn’t realise was that this was actually just the beginning of her art career.

By 2006 Sarah was routinely painting two paintings a day and listing them to her eBay store to be auctioned off. Sarah’s confidence had grown with her customer base and her paintings were now starting at $49 and sell upwards of $200-$700 sometimes.

Sarah was growing a strong customer base, expanding her range of paintings and expanding her stock to include one of her other passions; vintage fine jewelry.

As eBay grew and because more artists came to sell on eBay.

The Frooition team were so responsive and amazing. They guided me every step of the way.

Sarah Kadlic

The process:

I’d been reluctant up to this point to spend money on my web image. However, the work I had seen the Frooition team do on websites made me realize this would be so worthwhile and would elevate my items and brand!
Selling high ticket luxury items, it was important that Sarah Kadlic’s content and visuals of their website convey luxury, in order to reflect the products and encourage trust from customers.

I was struggling with how to combine my art and jewelry. I kept thinking they should be separated since they are so different, and I wondered how receptive people would be to seeing both together if they were only interested in one or the other.

My Frooition designer Kim thought it would be great to combine both and create a brand name (mine) around them. I was worried about seeing my name in limelight but I trusted my designer who not only had a great knack for style, but she knows a lot about marketing online.

I was really interested in having beautiful pictures and design simplicity and the Frooition designers knew exactly how to arrange this so that customers could shop easily.

People have always commented that my art was fresh and modern, but I never seemed to be able to communicate this through a shopping platform until now.

There is such strong creativity driving this business. Beautiful artwork and a stunning inventory of precious jewelry from a range of eras. Sarah’s designer Kim was tasked with bringing all of these creative influences together to create one cohesive brand image.

Conversion-focused on all devices:

Whether the customer would be searching for a potential engagement ring on their smartphone during a lunch break or laying on the sofa in the evening browsing artwork from their tablet, we designed Sarah’s eBay listings and website to be optimized for every device. Our responsive design determines the dimensions of the display accessing the website and intelligently delivers the best user experience for each user, regardless of what device they’re using.

The results:

I now have a Shopify store and eBay listings which look professional and tell my brand story.

Updating my stock is easy because all of my eBay items automatically pull into my Shopify website store.

Everyone I have worked with at Frooition, all the designers and intermediary people have been the kindest, most professional people I have ever encountered online. Respectful, incredibly professional, timely, very responsive. It was a seamless process. I feel so lucky to have found the Frooition team, they were a perfect fit in every way and I got even more than I had hoped for. I truly feel every penny I spent was well worth it!

Sarah Kadlic

Company Profile:

Beulah’s Candyland is a confectionary store based out of Pennsylvania, United States. They are a small, family owned business with a dedicated team of long term employees.

In addition to the online stores they also have 3 retail locations.

Business Situation:

The team behind Beulah’s Candyland wanted to recreate the olde worlde feel of a traditional sweet store with a clean and modern feel.

They wanted to display the breadth of stock without creating a cluttered feel.

What made you trust Frooition?

We had seen the quality of the work Frooition had done in the past.

We have worked with Frooition for both our eBay and Shopify designs. Our designer was very accomodating and came up with some great ideas.

What did you think of the final design that was installed?

We really like the “Old Fashion Candy Store” concept throughout the design. It is simple, yet attractive.

We loved the curtains and the awning effect.

Overall…a very nice design to work with…

Frooition Case Study Beulah's Candyland
Frooition Case Study Beulah's Candyland

Company Profile:

Universal Gadgets started from a spare room in a London flat and in 7 years has gone to a 1,200 Sq Ft warehouse fulfilling over 2,500 items every day. They feature in the tabloids for being the top seller on eBay’s rich list, raking in £17m a year just from eBay Sales.

Business Situation:

We have chosen to use Frooition yet again to redesign our store for two reasons the first being eBay’s new active content policy and Frooition’s vast knowledge of the platform and rules and also we felt that a redesign was in order to keep our shop up to date and exciting.

What made you trust Frooition?

We have worked previously with Frooition and from start to finish, the whole experience was fast, friendly and exactly what we were after.

What did you most enjoy about working with Frooition?

Their online platform can be used to keep track of progress of the design and build at every stage, on here you can ask questions and be kept updated at all times.

What did you think of the final design that was installed?

The final design was very bold and eye catching, which is what is needed on an online selling platform, it is easy to look like everyone else selling on eBay, what is hard is creating your own style with the limited layout functionality available and Frooition pulled this off no problem.

Frooition Case Study Universal Gadgets
Frooition Case Study Universal Gadgets


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