eBay Item Specifics

Maximise sales with optimised listings

eBay’s item specifics are a great and easy way to maximise your eBay sales. Using Item Specifics makes it possible for buyers to browse your items and filter products without just relying on eBay search.

eBay are making many item specific options mandatory, meaning you won’t be able to revise existing or launch new listings if those options are not completed. For example waist size is mandatory for items listed in Clothing > Jeans categories.

Where do Item Specifics show in search?

Item specific options display in the left column on search, enabling buyers to narrow searches down by feature.

How do you find items missing item specifics?

eBay Item Specifics

Frooition have added a new Item Specifics reports to the listing tool!

Within the listing tool you will receive notifications for any products that are at risk of missing or invalid Item Specifics.

There are 2 classifications for item specifics:

At Risk: These are items that will fail in the future. They don’t need updating today but it is worth doing

None Compliant: These are items that cannot be revised without fixing the issues. They need updating ASAP

Items may be flagged if item specifics are missing or have invalid entries (e.g. waist size = red)

How to update your eBay listings

It is easier than ever to edit your Item Specifics in Frooition!

From the Item Specifics report click Edit.

You will then be taken to the Item Specifics edit screen. Any Item specifics will be flagged for fixing

The software will even suggest answers based upon your title and description!

When you save all updates will be pushed to eBay and you will receive a status report.

eBay Item Specifics


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