Why Choose Frooition?

Over the years many people have asked why choose Frooition when there are so many cheaper alternatives currently available?
The answer to this question quickly becomes evident to anyone who is interested in design and productivity apps for eBay.
Cheaper alternatives may become available which have some of the same features as Frooition, but you will notice that they quickly disappear, often taking your design (and your money) with them.

Frooition have been working closely in partnership with eBay since 2005, and are proud to be the only eBay Certified Provider who specialise in design.
Choosing Frooition ensures that your design is always  fully compliant with eBay terms & conditions, and compatible with any ongoing changes which eBay make to the platform.

Find out more why you should choose Frooition.

You are in safe hands

Why choose Frooition for your eBay services?  Here are a few quick reasons:

why choose Frooition? Experience


Frooition have been focussed on providing designs exclusively for ecommerce sellers just like you for over 18 years. We have the knowledge to build sites that convert to sales

why choose Frooition? Speed


 We can turn projects around in a few weeks thanks to our proven framework and streamlined project management solution.

why choose Frooition? Low Cost

Low Cost

We can deliver a low cost solution, with custom unique design quickly. Thanks to our proven platform and framework we can share development costs between thousands of customers so you don’t have to foot the bill!

why choose Frooition? Multi-Channel


We can take the same branding and build a similar experience acoss multiple channels: eBay, Amazon and Bigcommerce.

Froo Features

Dynamic Categories

(Unique to Frooition)

Dynamic Categories

Automatically Update
No re-listing required.

Save Time
No need to edit code or manage links.

Always Up To Date
No dead links! A better shopping experience.

Dynamic Cross Promotion

(Unique to Frooition)

Dynamic Cross Promotion

Automatically Show Related Items
Proven to increases average order values.

Customizable Selections
Promote similar items or accessories.

Retain Customers
Showcase additional items you sell.

Custom Promotional Areas

Add a personal touch to your site

Custom Promotional Areas

Add Your Own Banners And Content
Each template has multiple customizable sections.

Fully HTML Compatible
Add images or custom styling to showcase your messages.

Multiple Tab Sets

Communicate with customers

Multiple Tab Sets

Need Different Terms For Each Item?
Multi-tabbed content allows you to create different sets of information.

Easily Changeable
Via the Frooition Software – See How
Live listings can then be revised via Frooition.

Custom Design

Beautiful bespoke branding

Custom Design

Tailored To Your Specification
Custom design based upon your guidance for colours/style etc.

Professional Branding
Help to instil buyer confidence and improve brand recognition.

In-House Support

Our team are always here to help

In-House Support

Track Your Support Request
Via the Frooition online messaging system.

Unrivalled Knowledge And Experience
Our team have been partnered closely with eBay since 2005.


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