eBay Auto Part Sellers

Frooition work with eBay sellers from all categories for all packages, certain categories require additional attention and functionality due to the nature of the products sold.

Motors (Parts & Vehicles) probably need the most custom functionality. Buyers need to be assured that the parts they are buying will fit their vehicles, sellers have a lot of stock, or a lot of information to provide to customers.

Frooition can Help! We have developed a number of design and software features to help motors sellers get more product to eBay, grow their sales and increase their eBay SEO.

Software for Auto Part Sellers:

Frooition for eBay Motors Sellers

eBay Catalog (Motors)

Frooition for eBay Motors Sellers

Parts Compatibility

Frooition for eBay Motors Sellers

Parts Diagram (US ONLY)

Frooition for eBay Motors Sellers

Classified Ads

Frooition for eBay Motors Sellers

eBay Catalog for Motor Parts

The Frooition eBay listing software allows sellers to list motor parts to eBay using the ePID or MPN and then lookup the parts in the eBay catalog using the eBay Product Based Shopping Experience.

If the product exists in the eBay catalog then the majority of the listing information will be pre-filled. Information that can be automatically completed by eBay:

  • Product Title
  • Description
  • Product images (Stock)
  • Category
  • Weight & Dimensions
  • Parts compatibility

If the items are not found in the eBay catalog, sellers can create the items and if accepted will benefit in search ranking!

Parts Compatibility

With Frooition, sellers can easily build lists of compatible vehicles that their parts fit.

Build up huge tables of compatible vehicles with just a few clicks. Instead of selecting each individual vehicle make, model year and trim, sellers can select all trims with one click.

For example for a 2013 BMW 3 Series there are 128 trim variations to choose from. Instead of 128 separate clicks sellers only need to click once!

Parts fitment allows listings to show up in fitment searches, if you don’t use the fit data you will miss a huge amount of parts traffic. Once you have fitment data your returns rate will reduce and your feedback will improve.

Using parts fitment data, my returns went from 5-7% to just 1-2%. That’s a huge change to my business.

Keith – Triple J Supply

Frooition for eBay Motors Sellers

eBay Parts Diagram (USA only)

A fantastic new eBay feature for buyers is the eBay parts diagram search. Sellers can now see an accurate parts diagram and choose exactly which part they need without needing to know the exact part number or name of the item.

This data is hugely valuable and would be impossible for sellers to utilise without eBay’s help.

The great news is by using manufacturer part numbers and parts compatibility, your parts will automatically show up for Parts diagram searches.

Try parts diagram search for yourself

Classified Listings

For the first time ever, vehicle sellers can now list classified adverts through the Frooition software including design, dynamic links to categories and cross promotion.

Classified listings benefit sellers of high value items as they pay a single listing fee and no final value fee. You pay to advertise your contact details to potential buyers.

When sellers get to stage 7 in the Frooition software and enter the product price, valid categories offer: Auction, Buy it Now and Classified options:

Frooition for eBay Motors Sellers

How do Frooition help motors sellers?

How will a BigCommerce design help?

Reduce returns

Guarantee parts fit

Reduce questions with parts diagrams

Pre-fill content from the manufacturers

Increase your sales

Great branding increases trust

Cross promote related parts and vehicles

Appear higher in eBay search ranking

Save time

Add parts compatibility with less clicks

Bulk import CSV’s with parts fitment and MPN

List parts from the Catalog in seconds

Easy to live with

New vehicles are updated quarterly

Automatically promote related items

Categories update across all listings

Make classified vehicle listings look professional in seconds


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