eBay Category Feature Finder

To help our clients we have created an eBay category feature finder, the tool allows sellers to pick individual categories, see the category id number and see what features that category supports.

With eBay constantly evolving their categories and item specifics, many sellers need an easy way to find which options are mandatory in their chosen categories. This is particularly important to sellers who use a feed-based listing system rather than the eBay ‘Sell Your Item’ form etc.

The Frooition eBay Category Tool works for all eBay sites and countries. Frooition have worked closely with the various eBay teams for many years, and have built the functionality in a way to ensure that it is always fully up to date with any changes which eBay make to the platform.

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How will the eBay Category Feature Finder help?

How will the Category Feature Finder help?

Find eBay category info

Quickly find eBay category numbers and important details

Discover options

Find what features the category supports, such as Product Catalogue

Filter requirements

View which item specifics are mandatory for a specified category

Up-to-date information

All options/details are fully up to date with any eBay changes


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