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“If there’s one reason we have done better than any of our peers in the Internet space over the last six years, it is because we have focused like a laser on customer experience, and that really does matter, I think, in any business.”
– Jeff Bezos

Amazon is a company grown from a relentless focus on innovation to aid the customer and improve their experience. Amazon store design is all about sellers taking ownership of that great experience, and creating their own customer loyalty from it.

Selling on the Amazon marketplace, you need to be tuned in with Amazon’s customer obsession. Take advantage of any merchandising tools that come your way to enhance the customer experience for your brand. When it comes to competition, you as a brand need to be leading in your product category and not waiting to follow your competitor’s lead.

An Amazon store design gives a merchant the opportunity to showcase their brand and full range of products. Within the store, a brand can promote new lines and key features through videos and inspiring imagery. They have the freedom to decide what they focus on. By displaying videos, lifestyle images, and text, the store can drive customer engagement, build brand trust and help the customer make an informed buying decision, which should ultimately improve conversion and boost sales. It also helps the brand get visibility for the wider product range, including for items that rank lower on the search results page, especially new products.

An Amazon store is a branded shop within Amazon. Think of it as a branded section within a department store in a mall. Amazon stores provide a branded shopping experience on the Amazon website, showcasing the brand and its products. These stores are customized by the brand. Sellers and vendors can curate the design of the store according to the needs of their brand, products and audience.

Brand stores can be made up of multiple pages, just as you would typically find on a brand’s own website. They can have a home page and then break the pages down further into category pages. Some brands choose to have a single homepage, and others go for a complete store with multiple pages.

Amazon is not charging sellers any extra fees for hosting a store design. Stores are responsive to desktop and mobile. They also support videos which is a huge plus.

How will customers find my store?

When creating a store, the brand will be given a unique brand URL that they can then share externally across social media or via marketing activities such as email to drive external traffic to their Amazon store. This URL can also be used to drive internal traffic, linking headline search ads to the Amazon store. The customer can also access the store by clicking on the brand name next to the title of the product on the detail page.

What do Amazon stores look like?

Pompeii3 is an independent, family-owned and operated a business that has been manufacturing high-quality jewelry since 1919. Pompeii3 have been selling on Amazon for ten years and currently make 10% of their sales via Amazon. Wanting to sell even more on Amazon, Pompeii3 came to Frooition for Amazon store design to enhance their brand and give their store a more professional look and feel.

With full branding, inspiration images, and category merchandising with featured products; Pompeii3 now have an Amazon store that showcases their products, and gives both prestige and trust to their brand.

Amazon store design

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