Links Policy Update, Helping Sellers and Buyers

eBay’s current ‘Links Policy’ has created many problems for Sellers, and created even more risks for buyers.These risks have reduced buyer confidence and decreased sales for many fair Sellers on eBay. So it comes as no surprise that eBay are updating their ‘Links Policy’, to provide a safer and more consistent buying experience on eBay.

Key Highlights

Policy Enforcement:

  • eBay will block any listings with violations before they go live, reducing seller hassles and frustrations
  • Buyers will not see violating listings
  • Sellers will not accidentally violate the policy

New links eBay will not allow:

  • Personal email addresses (e.g.
  • Links which cannot be tracked (e.g. Shortened URLS like and Non‐click able web addresses like
  • Generally any links that don’t help buyers safely and efficiently complete a transaction on eBay
  • eBay will reach out to Sellers who have violating listings in July 2011
  • Links that violate this policy will be blocked from October 1st 2011

Please note other eBay restrictions on existing Link Policies are still in effect which you can check here:


What links will be allowed?

  • Other eBay items and eBay Store Pages
  • Additional images and galleries
  • Manufacturer warranty details
  • Product details and technical specifications
  • International shipping and freighting information
  • Financing, Insurance and Escrow Services
  • Parts compatibility information
  • Please note these are all subject to existing eBay restrictions in accordance to existing ‘eBay LinkPolicies’

As a seller, how does this help me?

With a simpler links policy, Sellers will have less accidental violations, meaning less frustrations and interruptions in selling on eBay. This new update makes it easier for eBay to enforce this fair policy across alleBay businesses, removing unfair Sellers who exploit the system and helping to preserve eBay Buyer Protection.

Buyers will have improved confidence and a safer more consistent buying experience, further improving sales across the whole eBay market.

What do I need to do as a seller?

  • Familiarise yourselves with the latest links policy changes
  • Proactively remove any links from you store and listings that violate these policies

Check back tomorrow for the detailed article on ‘eBay Title Expansion Update’ SR 11.2. (Article 3 of 10)

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