eBay Title Expansion

Excitingly, eBay are going to increase the space available for product title descriptions! This means, you’ll have more space to accurately and professionally describe your items, therefore increasing your product exposure, buyer confidence and resulting in more sales for you!

Key Highlights

Product Listing Titles are now being increased from 55 characters to 80 characters

  • This update does not affect sub‐title or any other fields
  • Buyers can now use more title keywords to better narrow searches and find their desired products
  • Introduced from October 1st 2011

As a seller, how does this help me?

As a seller, you will be able to maximise your listing exposure by using more words to fully and more accurately describe your items. Having more professional and consistent listing titles will improve the quality of your listings and buyer confidence for shoppers, in turn your sales will increase and excitingly your buyer feedback could also improve!

What do I need to do as a seller?

  • Maximise on the extra space available to fully describe your listings from October 1st 2011
  • Consider revising your existing listing titles for easy buyer scanning and reading

Top Tips

  • Establish a professional naming convention for all your product titles to inspire greater customer confidence… i.e. Brand | Product Type | Product Specific (Sony Digital Camera W310 12MP)
  • Try not to repeat word variations multiple times in a listing title, this clutters the listings and reduces buyer confidence like 32gb 32 gb 32 gig
  • Make your titles clear and easy for buyers to scan and read, don’t use special characters or gimmicksi.e. L@@K

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