Customer Service and Buyer Confidence

In efforts to better meet buyer expectations and increase your sales, eBay are streamlining the seller return options. Buyers will be able to enjoy a simplified return policy with improved clarity.

Key Highlights

• Return window default changed from “7 days” to “14 days”
• Return options “3 days” and “7 days” will be removed streamlining return policies
• Refund methods “Merchandise Credit” and “Exchange” will be removed and replaced with “Money back or exchange”
• Clarification on “no returns accepted”
• These field options are Available from the 15th August 2011
• These options will become mandatory from January 2012

As a seller, how does this help me?

Balancing DSR’s is vitally important to attain a Top Rated Seller Status on eBay and equally important to increase customer satisfaction and generate further sales. With streamlined return policies, and a standard 14 day return window, shoppers will have improved confidence when buying from Sellers.
It’s fair to state, that a seller with a ‘14 day’ return policy, creates a greater perceived confidence in their products, than a seller with a ‘3 day’ return policy.
So, the longer the return policy, the more confident shoppers will feel, and the happier they will be to buy your products. This improved eBay experience will reduce the amount of seller complaints received from ‘unfair 3 day return policies’ and gives greater opportunity to satisfy customer issues, improving those all important DSR’s.

What do I need to do as a seller?

• Familiarize yourself with the new return policy options, available from August 15th 2011
• Start revising your existing listings including Good Till Cancelled to align your listings to the new return policy updates

Top Tips

• Test extending your return policy and see how buyer confidence increases and therefore your sales!
• Make your return policy transparent and readily visible to further improve confidence
Consider using a bulk revision tool to update all your listings on mass and save a huge amount of your time and money
• As a Frooition customer you don’t need to worry about a thing, our system allows you to revise your listings directly through our software and your Frooition World Leading Design, will automatically accommodate this change.

Check back tomorrow for the detailed article on ‘eBay Links Policy’ SR 11.2. (Article 2 of 10)

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