Ebay says that 63% of purchases are currently delivered in three days or less, but 63% is not enough for today’s customer, empowered by unparalleled choice in an increasingly competitive e-commerce space.

That percentage will undoubtedly increase now that eBay are expanding their guaranteed delivery scheme and backing guaranteed delivery times for more sellers.

The guaranteed delivery scheme is great news for sellers running e-commerce businesses from eBay, as it’s a serious move to dispel any remaining ideas customer’s may have about eBay being an auction only site where members of the public sell used items; and let them know that eBay is a reliable, fast, secure marketplace where 80% of items are new.

With eBay guaranteed delivery, in the rare instance that a shipment is delayed, eBay will handle responses and refunds on behalf of sellers to ensure customer satisfaction.

How guaranteed delivery programme benefits sellers:

  • Increased Visibility
    Sellers can find more buyers when their items are searchable by delivery date.
  • No Extra Work
    You offer same- or 1-day handling and eBay determines and guarantees the delivery date.
  • Happier Customers
    Fast, on-time delivery can lead to better feedback and fewer buyer messages about delivery times.
  • eBay Backing
    When delivery is late due to reasons outside of the seller’s control, eBay will refund the postage to your customer.

Why customers want eBay guaranteed delivery:

  • Better Shopping Experience
    Buyers can filter items by a guaranteed delivery date, including the next 1-2 days.
  • Guaranteed On-Time Delivery
    Buyers’ items arrive by the delivery date, guaranteed.
  • Increased Confidence
    If a buyer’s item doesn’t arrive by the delivery date, eBay will make it right.

How to Get Started with eBay Guaranteed Delivery

Participation in eBay Guaranteed Delivery is optional and totally free. There are big benefits to sellers who choose to take part. eBay sellers will have two options for joining the program:

Door-to-Door: Larger sellers and retailers with multiple fulfillment centers can use their own regional rate tables to guarantee delivery dates. With this option, the seller will be responsible for refunds and return labels if an item arrives after the guaranteed date

Handling Time Option: Smaller sellers can opt to have eBay calculate guaranteed delivery dates and handle refunds and returns as long as they handle within one day and use eBay labels to ensure automatic tracking. If an item arrives after the guaranteed date, eBay covers the buyer with a shipping refund or free return label.
No matter which option you choose, acceptance into the program will depend on a proven track record of fast handling times and strong fulfillment operations.

Sellers with a minimum of 100 transactions per year and a late shipment rate of less than 5% will be eligible to apply for guaranteed delivery.

To increase your chances of qualifying for eBay guaranteed delivery, focus on shipping best practices, such as using eBay labels, same day handling, multiple shipping options and reliable returns.


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