• Published On: December 23, 2021

    Optimisation, optimisation, optimisation! It seems that we cannot say the word “optimisation” enough when we talk about eBay these days. But just in case you didn’t get the memo, optimising your eBay listings should be your number one priority in 2022 if you want to stay relevant and continue to [...]

  • Published On: September 4, 2019

    eBay has today announced the September / Fall 2019 seller release update. Rob Hattrell, VP of eBay.co.uk, outlines the updates here: The full list of changes are here:  Changes to Promote your listings Updates to Seller Hub Offer for new Seller Hub Promotions Enhanced seller protection Simplifying eBay Policies Updates [...]

  • Published On: September 20, 2018

    What is the eBay buy box? The eBay buy box is part of the new product focused shopping experience on eBay. Not all products are included, but for ones that are, searches will lead to a grouped listing product landing page with a clear overview of buying options. Ebay’s algorithm [...]

  • Published On: August 8, 2018

    Back in October 2017, externally hosted content such as CSS, images, or HTML5 that didn’t use HTTPS started to be displayed on eBay with a not secure icon in Google Chrome and many other browsers. In order to retain Google's secure label and maintain customer confidence, eBay removed non-secure content [...]

  • Published On: May 2, 2018

    Ebay says that 63% of purchases are currently delivered in three days or less, but 63% is not enough for today's customer, empowered by unparalleled choice in an increasingly competitive e-commerce space. That percentage will undoubtedly increase now that eBay are expanding their guaranteed delivery scheme and backing guaranteed delivery times [...]

  • Published On: February 28, 2018

    Ebay has introduced product based search results for one simple reason; what works for buyers, works for sellers. The buyer experience improvements which encourage customers to buy more items, and to buy more frequently, result in higher turnover for sellers. But what improves the experience for customers in one category [...]

  • Published On: October 4, 2017

    eBay links policy   From October 2017, eBay links policy states that sellers are no longer allowed to share contact information in item descriptions, images or eBay Shops. Ebay sellers now need to remove contact information from both active and new listings. This includes information included in images such as phone number, [...]

  • Published On: August 12, 2016

    eBay announced in the Spring 2016 Seller Release that they are stopping the use of Active Content in eBay Listings.  Active content includes JavaScript, Flash, Form Actions and plug-ins. This active content inhibits purchases on mobile devices and also poses potential security risks. From Spring 2017 eBay will limit the [...]

  • Published On: April 3, 2013

    EBay want to make it easier to connect sellers with buyers and they don’t want a little thing like an ocean  to stand in the way! That is why they have introduced the fantastic Global Shipping Program. The global shipping program allows sellers to reach international buyers without the worry [...]

  • Published On: March 28, 2013

    This Feature applies to eBay.com & eBay.co.uk. EBay are introducing an option to offer same day handling times for sellers that can provide this level of service. Currently sellers may be able to provide same day handling but have to state a minimum of 1 day handling to buyers, this [...]

  • Published On: March 27, 2013

    This Feature applies to eBay.com & eBay.co.uk. EBay recognize that for many sellers time is money; the longer it takes for a seller to file a UPI (Unpaid Item Claim) the more is costs the seller. As a result eBay are shortening the length of time before a seller can [...]

  • Published On: March 26, 2013

    This Feature applies to eBay.com & eBay.co.uk. Like fixed priced listings, Best Offer purchases will also require immediate payment once both parties have accepted the offer. Key Features: Once a Best offer is accepted by both the seller and  the buyer immediate payment will be required EBay are matching the [...]

  • Published On: March 25, 2013

    This Feature applies to eBay.com & eBay.co.uk. EBay are making changes to help seller’s cash flow and stock turn over by introducing mandatory immediate payment for fixed priced listings, this welcomed move brings eBay inline with traditional retail standards. This will ensure sellers don’t have stock tied up that hasn’t [...]

  • Published On: March 22, 2013

    This Feature applies to eBay.com & eBay.co.uk. EBay have taken steps to help protect sellers by introducing feedback protection for unpaid item claims. Currently if a seller files an UPI (unpaid item claim) against a buyer and wins the buyer can still leave negative feedback that unfairly harms the seller’s [...]

  • Published On: March 22, 2013

    In order to provide and encourage the best possible experience for their buyers, eBay are upgrading the standards required to achieve Top Rated Seller (TRS) Status. Key Highlights: Minimum sales value to move from £2,500 to £1,000 in the past year Maximum count of 1-2 star detailed seller ratings will [...]

  • Published On: March 21, 2013

    This Feature applies to eBay.com & eBay.co.uk. EBay are introducing new business policy pre-sets to save sellers time and create uniform seller information across a seller’s listings. The Business policies will allow eBay sellers to define payment, shipping, and returns information as global settings pre-sets. This will allow sellers to [...]

  • Published On: March 21, 2013

    In order to provide a rich user experience and improve seller trust eBay have announced that sellers can upload up to 12 images FREE of charge. Sellers will still be able to purchase the supersize pack to further improve their listings. Key Highlights: Sellers can upload up to 12 images [...]

  • Published On: March 20, 2013

    This Feature applies to eBay.com & eBay.co.uk. EBay are announcing the enforcement of the new picture policy that was detailed in Seller Release 12.1. The picture policy creates a better browsing experience for buyers and creates a more level playing field for sellers. The new picture policy also ensures that [...]

  • Published On: March 20, 2013

    EBay have announced a change to benefits of an eBay shop as well as a change to the fee structure for Basic and Featured Shops. The new features will help sellers resolve issue more quickly through improved support and allow for a number of insertion fee free listings. Key Highlights: [...]

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