writing compelling descriptions

It is an easy mistake to make, To simply describe a product in the description.

But why just describe it, when you can sell it?

Talk to your audience

Who is your product for? Is it for mountain climbers, parents of young children, or people who own a car? Writing compelling descriptions depends on you knowing your target audience. When you know your target audience, you will know how they like to be spoken to, what makes them laugh and why your product would benefit them.

Sell the sizzle

Establish what makes your product desirable, then tell people about that. Does it save your customer time or make them look good? Does it solve a problem? Is it faster or more effective than alternatives? Marketing people say “sell the sizzle, not the steak.” and that means, tell the benefits, not just the item specifics.

Remember, your customers are looking for reasons why they should buy your product. Give them reasons to buy.  Write descriptions that increase the customer’s perceived value of your products.

Share knowledge

As with everything else in marketing, writing compelling descriptions involves sharing knowledge. Use your description to share knowledge about the product. Tell stories to bring it to life. Stories about how the product was invented, the people who make it and where it comes from. Tell stories that exemplify the benefits of your product. Delight your customers with seductive descriptions. Show your enthusiasm for your product, because that is what is contagious.

Write for people in a rush

The internet has made us expect everything quicker, including information. Make sure that you have plenty of good clear product photos, and if the product is something small enough to be held, have an image of it in someone’s hand for scale. Product descriptions that are clear and scan readable are easier and more appealing for customers.

Here are some areas to focus on:

  • Lead your web visitor with headings and sub headings;
  • Use easy-to-scan bullet points
  • Include plenty of white space
  • Increase your font size to promote readability

Keep practising writing your product stories, and play with formats that make it clearer to view. Try writing an engaging story for your product description, and a shorter version for mobile. Test them out and see what works for you. Writing new descriptions costs you nothing, but could potentially make you lots.

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