The art of focussing

Have you ever had so much on that it can feel almost impossible to concentrate? Or have you ever felt as though you haven’t actually accomplished anything after a long day at work? We’ve all had days like this and yet did you know it’s typically our ability to ‘focus’ where the problem lies?

“Focussing is our ability to centre our activities on a set interest.”

Today’s technology leaves us surrounded by a constant stream of distractions that fight for our attention and interest.

A recent study by USA today found that 60% of work distractions come from emails, social networks and mobile phones while the other 40% came from more traditional distractions such as phone calls or conversations with co-workers.

If we apply Pareto’s principle to our working output we can expect that 80% of our productivity comes from 20% of our working time, now, imagine how much more we could achieve if we increased this productivity balance?

The Solution? Remove the problem.
The key to focussing is your ability to remove distractions from around you so you can focus on one thing at a time.

Consider the following when you’re trying to focus:

  • Procrastination.
    Ensure you’re not procrastinating (check out our great article on how to beat procrastination).
  • Hunger.
    Thinking uses a lot of fuel. Ensure you start your day with a healthy breakfast to avoid hunger distractions or brain fog.
    A recent study found that of those who were tested 20 minutes after having milk and cereal for breakfast were able to remember 25% more facts than those who just drank water. 
  • Thirst.
    Did you know if you’re only 1% dehydrated your mental performance can reduce by as much as 15%? Stay hydrated and keep a bottle of water on your desk at all times.
  • Create a list.
    With so much going on it’s impossible to remember everything you need to do in the specific order you needed to do it.
    Make a list of everything you need to do and be sure to tick off each item as you complete it – this will not only feel good but motivate you as each tick gets you one step closer to completion.
  • Prioritise your list.
    Ensure you work through your priority list to keep on track.
  • Have a reminder.
    Consider placing a note that’s always visible ‘Focus on my priorities’ or something similar to re-engage your mind should you become distracted.
  • Shut-off.
    Tune into your work and out of your surrounding distractions.
  • Remove distractions.
    We live in an age where information is provided quicker and faster than ever before, remove distractions from round you.
    – Put your car keys and phone in your desk drawer.
    – If you use two screens, consider turning off your second screen.
    – Don’t check emails until specific times of the day.
    – Remove access to social networks.
    – Turn off your mobile phone.
    – Put distracting thoughts out of your mind.

An inability to focus can leave you feeling disorganised and as though you haven’t completed anything.

By staying focussed you’ll complete projects, reduce stress and feel good.

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