Customer Focus Ratio

“A young lady arrives home from a date as to which point her flat mate asks, how was it? She replies, he was an opera singer, it was all ‘mememememeeee’…” 

If you’re focussing too much on yourself and not enough on your customers, you’re missing sales.

Customer Focus Ratio is the ratio of words relating to yourself or your business compared to your prospects. It’s a fact that if you don’t talk to you customers in your copy you are missing sales and receiving a less engaged audience.

The secret… make it personal.

Prospects need engagement, they don’t need the usual sales bumf, they want to engage with you but without the sales banter; your clients are looking for an advisor.

If you want to increase prospect engagement and generate more sales you simply need to make your website more ‘personal’ for your prospects and approach them as an advisor.

There are many ways to make you website more ‘personal’, consider:

  • Images.
    Have you noticed on the cover of most men’s magazines is a picture of woman, yet did you also notice on the cover of most women’s magazine’s its also a woman? This is no coincidence; magazine publishers have been testing for years to find what drives the most engagement. Consider adding a picture of your team or offices to your collateral.
  • Social Proofing.
    You need to provide social proof to increase buyer confidence.
    87% of consumers said a favourable review has confirmed their decision to go through with a purchase.
  • Video.
    The more senses you can stimulate the more memorable the experience becomes, and all businesses want to become memorable. Video is an incredible powerful tool to engage your audience and drive increased engagement.

With marketing messages saturating the prospect environment it’s important to stand out and engage your prospects on a more personal level. Remember to focus on your customers rather than your business or yourself and you will drive more engagement and sales.

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