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eBay are updating their Master Vehicle List to further enhance your buying and selling experience on motors (US). There are lots of exciting changes to eBay motors; perhaps the best to note is the new introduction of boats to eBay Parts Compatibility.

The problem…

In order to benefit from this update US sellers will need to revise and update their Motor Part listings with the correct parts and compatibility information. This causes a particular problem for boat part sellers who have 100’s and in some cases 1000’s of listings to revise; costing a considerable amount of time and money.

The solution!

Frooition, the world’s only eBay Certified Provider that specialises in design have updated their powerful eBay bulk revision tool to help eBay Motors Parts Compatibility Sellers.

From the 15th of May, Frooition are making their eBay Bulk Revision Tool Completely FREE for (US) Motor Amendments.

This means US eBay Motor Parts Compatibility sellers can benefit:

  • Bulk revise eBay Motor listing Amendments completely FREE.
    (Revise your parts compatibility information on your eBay Motors, Motorbikes and Boats listings free!)
  • Save money and increase listing efficiency.
    By providing more compatible information in each listing you can reduce the number of listings created, enjoy reduced seller questions and increase listing accuracy.
  • Increased relevant product exposure.
    With improved listing details and compatibility information, your listings will appear in more relevant eBay product searches – increasing product exposure and traffic.
  • Increased Sales
    By including parts compatibility details your listings will gain more relevant search exposure, which means you’ll benefit with more sales!


In addition to this FREE eBay Bulk Revision Tool, Frooition have developed a separate FREE eBay Category Feature Finder Tool, which allows sellers to easily find what is required for each eBay listing category to further support sellers with this update.

Who are Frooition?

With over 163,000 online clients and a reputation of ‘world-leading designs,’ Frooition are a world leading design company. Frooition has proudly designed for such clients as Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, Toys”R”Us and many more exciting brands. Whether you’re looking for an ecommerce website or an eBay design they know exactly how to create a powerful design and what makes them world class. For more information, visit

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