“Every business needs to rebrand, it’s simply a question of when”

With 2013 just around the corner many businesses ask themselves ‘Should I redesign my website? Do I even need to?’

The truth? Market trends are changing daily, and if you don’t look current and relevant you’ll lose sales and damage your brand.

Thankfully, there are a few key indicators to look out for:

  • Declining Sales.
  • Lack of Engagement and Interest.
  • Weak Brand Perception.

You’ve got the tools to find out

You’ve got the tools and resources to monitor your brand, simply keep a monthly record of your sales data and consider using a website analytical tool such as Google Analytics or eBay Insights (if you sell on eBay). Once configured, you can relate this information to identify declining sales and engagement trends over time.

Consider the following metrics for visitor brand engagement over time:

  • Total sales.
    (If you’re an international seller break  down your data by country)
  • Average order values.
  • Average time on site.
  • Average pages per visit.
  • Site bounce rate.
  • % of new visits.
  • % of returning visits.

Brand perception is down to interpretation; consider using focus groups to gauge your market brand perception. Ask friends and family members (who are willing to be straight and honest with you) or target market focus groups what they think of your brand.

Consider the following brand perception questions:

Looking at the website, what does [business] stand for in your mind?
What would you say [business] does?
If you were to guess [business] mission statement, what would you say?
What makes your site unique?
What would you say are [business] website strengths?
Do you trust and have confidence in [business]?
What would you say are [business] website weaknesses?
Looking at [business] website would you say they are current?
What particular things make [business] website look current?
What particular things make [business] website look out dated?
What particularly looks relevant to you on [business] website?
What particularly looks irrelevant to you on [business] website?
What particular things would you like to see that relate to you/your interest?

Don’t forget, once you’ve analysed your site, you need to take action!

At Frooition we use the latest design techniques to enhance and advance businesses, we can redesign your store to:

  • Increase Sales.
  • Increase Buyer Confidence.
  • Look Current and Relevant for Today’s Market.
  • Get Ahead of Your Competition.
  • Or Even to Shed a Negative Image!

Contact us today for FREE consultation at Frooition.com, remember our eBay and ecommerce designs are proven to increase sales, buyer confidence and enhance your store experience!

Don’t forget to checkout our Signature eBay Design solution which empowers you with the ability to update and change your own  eBay Store!

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