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Good communication is pinnacle to providing an enjoyable and effective customer experience on eBay, as a result eBay are enhancing My Messages to increase communication efficiency and support sellers DSRs.

Check out the latest changes below:

(Please note, this is just a guide, always refer to your relevant eBay website for the latest accurate information)

eBay My Messages – September 2012

Key Highlights:

  • As of June, primary email accounts on file with eBay and My Messages were synchronized to improve efficiency of communications i.e. if you prefer to reply to messages through your primary eBay mail account you won’t need to navigate to My Messages to mark the item as ‘Read’ as it will be done automatically from your eBay mail account.
  • Likewise, sent messages will also be synced from your primary eBay mail account to your My Messages sent folder.
  • From late September, sellers will be able to share photos through My Messages to improve communication efficiency as opposed to using third party image sharing services or communication through other email accounts outside of eBay.

As a seller how does this affect me?

With enhanced communications sellers can more effectively communicate with sellers to answer questions and resolve issues, all in all this will help to increase sales and support those all important DSRs.

What do I need to do as a seller?

  • Familiarise yourself with the latest changes to My Messages.
  • Make effective use of photo’s to answer and support seller questions from September.

Top Tips

  • Consider concentrating your messaging efforts on one main inbox to streamline your communication process.
  • Check your mail box regularly to pick up on any new received messages for a quick response. Quick responses reflect well on you as the seller and will positively affect your DSR’s.

Check back tomorrow for a detailed release on SR12.2 Category, Item Specifics and Catalogue Updates

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