eBay Category, Item Specifics and Catalogue Updates (USA)

eBay are constantly advancing their product structure to create a more intuitive buying and selling experience.

In their latest update eBay are reviewing category fees, structure, and item specifics:

(Please note, this is just a guide, always refer to your relevant eBay website for the latest accurate information)

Category, Item Specifics and Catalogue Updates

Key Highlights:

  • The following categories will be affected by Category, item specifics and / or catalogue updates:
    • Art
    • Business & Industrial
    • Camera & Photo
    • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
    • Coins & Paper Money
    • Computers / Tablets & Networking
    • DVDs & Movies
    • Everything Else
    • Home & Garden
    • Jewelry
    • Motors Parts & Accessories
    • Music
    • Musical Instruments & Gear
    • Specialty Services
    • Toys & Hobbies
  • New category movements and fee changes:

Please refer to eBay’s fee charts to understand how these updates may affect your fees: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/fees.html

  • Starting from August 30, 2012 sellers will no longer be able to list in the following categories:
    • Everything Else: Metaphysical: Psychic, Paranormal > Reading
    • Everything Else: Metaphysical: Psychic, Paranormal > Spells, Potions
    • Everything Else: Metaphysical: Tarot Readings
    • Everything Else: Advertising Opportunities
    • Everything Else: Memberships
    • Specialty Services: Advice & Instruction: Business & Computer
    • Speciality Services: Advice & Instruction: Lessons & Tutoring
    • Specialty Services: Advice & Instruction: Other
    • Speciality Services: Advice & Instruction: Diet & Fitness
    • Business & Industrial: Businesses & Websites for Sale > Advertising Inventory
    • Business & Industrial: Businesses & Websites for Sales > Home-Based Businesses
    • Art: Direct from the Artist: Digital Art
    • Art: Art from Dealers & Resellers: Digital Art
    • Home & Garden: Inside the Home: Food & Wine: Recipes
  • The following items are being added to eBay’s prohibited lists:
    • Advice
    • Spells/curses/hexing/conjuring/magic/prayers/blessing services
    • Magic potions
    • Healing sessions
    • Work from home businesses & information
    • Wholesale lists and drop shop lists
  • Category updates are live from 10th September 2012, however item specific updates are already available – check your listing improvement recommendations to start preparing for this update and maximising your product exposure and sales, you can access this through Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro’s summary pages.
  • In order to maximise your search exposure through Google Product ensure you include product identifiers whenever possible for your products. Don’t forget you can use eBay catalogue for product matching or you can manually enter these details through item specifics (UPC, ISBN, EAN, MPN etc).

As a seller how does this affect me?

As a result of this latest update buyers can browse eBay more intuitively to find desired products.

What do I need to do as a seller?

  • Familiarise yourself with the latest Category, Item specifics and Catalogue updates.
  • Update your product listings accordingly to minimise sale interruptions and maximise sales.
  • Follow top tips below to enhance your sales experience following this recent update.

Top Tips

  • Consider using Froo’s bulk edit tool to update your listings accordingly on mass (check out our eBay certified bulk revision tool here which includes a 30 day FREE trial!).
  • Use item specifics whenever possible to increase possible search exposure.
  • Ensure you include a product identifier where relevant in your listings, this will increase search exposure and meet Google Product guidelines to maximise off-eBay search exposure – use eBay’s catalogue to find product codes and increase listing efficiency.
    Important Note: Listing’s with an exact match on eBay’s catalogue which are not listed with eBay catalogue will receive limited exposure in search results and may be subject to other limiting actions including removal – consider listing with eBay catalogue at every opportunity.
  • Want to check current category features? Check out our completely FREE eBay category feature finder tool Here.

Check back tomorrow for a detailed release on SR12.2 Category, Item Specifics and Catalogue Updates

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