eBay Auction-style Listings (USA)

So you’ve just seen an advert for the latest fashion accessory and you know it’s absolutely perfect for you! Excited, you decide to get up early and rush down to the local store, upon arriving you frantically make you way through the crowds to the product isle only to find the sign ‘Sold Out’… ever been there?

With this latest update eBay aim to minimise buyer disappointment by actively encouraging sellers to run auction listings for their full duration.

(Please note, this is just a guide, always refer to your relevant eBay website for the latest accurate information)

Auction-Style Listings – October 2012

Key Highlights:

  • From October 1st, sellers will be charged for ending Auction-style listings early when listings have received a bid.
  • The fee charged will be the equivalent cost of the final value fee had the listings ended naturally and sold for the highest bid.
  • Each calendar year the first fee charged for an early ending Auction-style listing will be waived – eBay understand rare situations do occur where a seller may need to end an auction-style listing early.

As a seller how does this affect me?

This update encourages sellers to leave auction style listings to run for their full duration – increasing the potential size of bids received, increasing your sales potential and enhancing the eBay buyer experience.

What do I need to do as a seller?

  • Familiarise yourself with the latest Auction-style listing update.
  • Ensure your listings are correctly priced and set to meet your desired requirements and follow top tips below.

Top Tips

  • If you’re willing to accept a price early set a reserve price or establish a higher start price for your Auction-style listings to prevent the need for ending auction listings early.
  • Try to be accurate as possible when listing your products to prevent the need to end listings to make revisions.
  • Ensure you’ve allocated correct stock for your eBay auction-listings so you’re not forced to end listings early if they sell on other ecommerce channels.

Check back tomorrow for a detailed release on SR12.2 eBay My Messages

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