Frooition Now an Approved Magento GO Pro Design Partner

It’s just been announced, Frooition are now an approved Magento GO Design partner!

As an approved Magento GO design partner you can benefit from absolute Magento GO design confidence from Frooition, World Leading Designs. To achieve this prestige design status our designs have been meticulously checked and vetted against Magento’s official design program.

What is Magento GO?

Magento GO is an online turn-key solution to create scalable and powerful ecommerce websites. Essentialy an online platform that makes it easy for anyone to setup an ecommerce website without having to be a HTML genius.

This fantastic platform is packed with many brilliant features; best to note is being able to seamlessly integrate with 1000’s of prebuilt extensions which enrich and enhance your store. So whatever your online requirements, you can pretty much guarantee there’s an extension to help increase your business success.

A Frooition Magento GO Web design has many benefits, here’s a few:

  • 100% custom design to you
  • Improves buyer confidence with enhanced design
  • Intuitive navigation with easy product find
  • We position your store as a major online brand
  • And most importantly, increase your sales!
    (an average sales increase of 30%!)

In addition, if you have a Frooition eBay design with a Magento Go design we give you exclusive access to our ‘Magento GO product export to eBay tool’ which will increase your product exposure and sales!

Simply visit us today at and we will walk you through the next steps to get your exciting new ecommerce website!


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