eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: eBay UK Gets a New Vehicle Parts Catalogue :: Affects UK Only

With the huge success of eBay catalogue, eBay are introducing a New Vehicle Parts Catalogue to improve the eBay experience for both Sellers and Buyers. The new update will allow sellers to list to Vehicle Parts faster and easier, by identifying all vehicles that a particular part fits.

Key Highlights

  • Sellers will be able to show all vehicles a particular part fits in one listing
  • Search a catalogue of parts and specify which vehicles are suitable
  • Add up to 1000 vehicles to each listing
  • Cut down the number of duplicate parts listings
  • No need to include vehicle in the title

As a seller, how does this help you?

  • With improved product find and search, clients will be able to find your products quicker and easier than ever before, meaning more sales for you!
  • Improve best match scores as you will have a single listing with multiple quantities
  • Reduce questions about fitment

What do I need to do as a Seller?

  • Familiarise yourself with eBay’s Master vehicle list (Released September)
  • Start to list parts with vehicle fitment data (Late September/ October)
  • Remove old duplicate listings that don’t have part fitment data

Check back tomorrow for eBay Seller Release 11.2 Calendar.

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