eBay Resolution Centre Update :: Affects US & UK

Retaining strong customer feedback is ever more important on eBay, and with these latest changes, eBay are going to give greater opportunity for Sellers to protect their performance evaluations.

From 31st August, if a buyer opens an eBay protection case without first contacting the seller, and the seller resolves the issues within 3 working days, the case may be excluded from the seller’s performance evaluation.

Key Highlights

  • If a buyer opens a Buyer Protection Case without messaging the seller first, the seller will have 3 days to resolve the problem before it impacts on their feedback.
  • eBay is also reducing the time before a buyer can refer a case to eBay from 10 to 8 days.

As a seller, how does this help you?

  • By resolving client issues quickly, you can protect your Seller performance evaluations whilst also improving the quality of the shoppers buying experience.

What do I need to do as a Seller?

  • Try to resolve any issues as quickly as possible to avoid impact on your feedback.
  • Communicate with your customers and ask them  what outcome they are after.

Check back tomorrow for the detailed article on ‘eBay UK gets a new vehicle parts catalogue’ SR 11.2.
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