Duplicate Listing Policy coming to eBay.com Auctions

There have been rumors spreading that eBay.com are about to restrict the number of duplicate auctions a seller can have running concurrently. The story started on the US eBay chatboards and has been picked up by Auctionbytes and then Scot Wingo of ChannelAdvisor although neither has confirmed the story. Currently, a seller on eBay.com can have a maximum of one fixed price listing (or five if the product fitted multiple items under a “fitment” clause), but the policy didn’t apply to auctions. Under the rumored change sellers will be limited to a single auction style listing and have any duplicate auctions ended unless they have at least a 30% sell through rate. The change would be considered part of eBay’s… Read more »

eBay Spring 2011 Fee Changes

As we mentioned last week the first eBay seller releases are now out for both eBay.com and eBay.co.uk, and sellers now know the fee changes that will affect them from April in the US and May in the UK. There is a marked difference this year in the fee changes at different sides of the Atlantic. In the US there is a modest 1% or 2% decrease in fees, but for the first time eBay fees will be levied on shipping charges. In the UK out go the free tranches for Business sellers which are replaced by flat rate fees representing an increase for most sellers. This is fantastic news for sellers who already offer free shipping as it equates… Read more »

eBay Policy & Other Changes with Seller Release 11.1

eBay Policy & Other Changes In efforts to continually advance and evolve eBay’s market place, eBay have updated their policies, please continue to read these interesting updates below: Key Highlights New global performance standards introduced (all except DE, UK, US) From May 2011, minimum performance standards will be in place across all eBay sites UK sellers who sell internationally can now get insight into their performance from the Seller Dashboard From May 2011, sellers selling into countries outside of US, DE and UK will be required to meet new minimum global performance standards. The global standards allow for the extra time and cost of cross-border shipping Later this year, sellers will be able to reach eBay Top-rated seller status in… Read more »

Top News for eBayers in DE with Motors, Parts and Fitments

eBay Motors Parts Fitment & category changes :: (DE Only) Designed to revolutionise the experience for buyers and sellers using eBay DE Parts, eBay are introducing the following advancing changes: Buyers can search by Make, Model, Production period, Tirm and Engine Sellers can list by Make, Model, Production Period, Trim and Engine as well as detailed specs according to item type: Tyres, Rims etc. The best match algorithm in conjunction with better visibility onthe SRPs will improve sellers’ sales rank It will also reduce the volume of Sellers questions from buyers What do I need to do as a Seller? Familiarise yourself with the new changes on Ebay DE Parts Start using these new listing details as much as possible… Read more »

How the new eBay update will affect fashion enthusiasts and sellers

Item specifics required for selected Clothing, Shoes & Accessories listings Fashion enthusiasts are excitingly browsing eBay fashion for clothing, shoes and accessories and also creating personalised fashion profiles based on key details such as style, size, brand, condition and type. So it’s no wonder eBay are introducing this new update, whereby all new listings and re-listings in fashion will require item specifics from May 2011. This will no doubt increase your visibility on eBay and in turn your sales! Key Highlights From May 2011, item specific details will be required for all new listings in Fashion Sellers are encouraged to add more details to match buyers searching habits; such as style, size, brand, condition and type. What do I need… Read more »

News for eBay sellers: How the eBay catalogue may affect your business

Listing in the catalogue to keep up your sales in Electronics :: Expected May 2011 Buyers flock to eBay daily in search for the hottest electronic deals. To help them find what they’re looking for, eBay have requested sellers listing in some Electronics and Media categories to match products from the eBay catalogue. In addition eBay have introduced value item conditions for selected media categories. These additions will provide buyers more information about your products reducing the number of questions received and increasing accuracy of product expectations, as a result enhancing your clients buying experience with you. Key Highlights From May 2011, sellers listing in certain Electronics and Media categories must list with a matching product from the eBay catalogue… Read more »

eBay are introducing pricing simplification, see how this will affect you…

Pricing Simplification:: (UK Only) :: Expected May 2011 eBay are looking to simplify their fees and making them more transparent for sellers, not only will this allow you to visually manage your budgets better on eBay, but it will also give you peace of mind with fee consistencies. Key Highlights Fees will be simplified and more transparent Fees will decrease overall for many sellers but may increase for some New zero insertion free for Anchor store Simpler pricing will allow sellers to predict and calculate their eBay fees Fees pricing structure will be available on launch From May 2011, the fee discount currently given to ‘Above Standard’ PowerSellers will be retired Top-rated sellers who offer the best service will continue… Read more »

eBay release new listing analytics to help you sell more online!

Listing Analytics Tool :: Expected DATE: March 2011 Ever wondered what’s actually going on in your business?  eBay have the answer! As part of release 11.1 eBay are adding new Listing Analytic features to give sellers a better understanding of their listing performance. Key Highlights New Features give sellers a more comprehensive picture of their listings performance and increased visibility of sales so you can now see what is working best for you Sellers can now track data in real-time or up to 30 days worth, across fixed price and auction-style listings presenting great comparison opportunities between similar products Sellers can view active and completed listings (clicks / click through rates, sales, trended daily data graphs etc) What do I… Read more »

Top News for #eBay sellers: eBay are introducing multi-variation listings on nearly all listings!

Multi-variation Listings :: Expected March 2011 As with any business, we want to spend more time selling on eBay, and less time tied into seller admin. Excitingly, eBay are about to release Multi-variation listings in almost every category, this will no doubt help you with your eBay housekeeping, saving time on listing and giving you more focus on running your eBay shop. Key Highlights All sellers will be able to use multi-variation listings to save time and money in almost every category. Show choices available across product ranges for a single insertion fee. With multiple items in a single listing, price each variation of the item in the way you want so it’s easier to sell different styles, colours and… Read more »

Top News for #eBayers: Communication improves your buyer confidence

  Efficiency and Buyer Confidence Communication is vital in all walks of life and even more so when conducting business online, so great communication not only improves both buyer and seller confidence, but it creates a great shopping experience online. Seller Suite: Making it easier to manage buyer emails:: Expected May  2011 In efforts to help you, eBay are releasing this exciting new update with eBay Seller Release 11.1, where you’ll be able to manage your communications with buyers all from one location. What this means to you? As a Seller, improved communication with your buyers can turn a bad shopping experience into a positive one; increasing feedback and generating further future sales. While as a buyer excellent communication with… Read more »