The Team at Proonto have created an interesting article outlining the benefits of Live Support for eCommerce sellers:

When you walk into a brick and mortar store you expect to see and meet shop assistants right?

You might not want their help but you know they are standing there, ready to jump in whenever you need.

Today, with the help of live support, e-Commerce businesses have the possibility of providing that same type of experience to their online customers.

Live support is a guaranteed success, just check out the list below and find out why.

  1. Skyrockets customer satisfaction

Customers want their issues resolved in a timely and efficient manner and that is exactly what live support helps you accomplish.

Another great thing about live support is that it enables you to give your customers a personalized experience, therefore making the complete shopping experience much more pleasant and memorable.

  1. Convenient for Customers

Live support doesn’t require much from your customers and if you choose to practice the proactive method it doesn’t require anything from them.

They don’t need to write an email or wait on the phone for assistant.

If they please, they just respond to a message from an agent who has already identified their issue, and receive immediate assistance.


  1. Increases sales


Live support gives you the possibility of answering any questions or objections your customers might have.

Certain platforms even enable you detect problematic areas of your website. That way you have the ability of knowing when and where it is best to initiate a conversation with a visitor.

By engaging with customers at the most critical moments of their shopping journey, you have the power to prevent shopping cart abandonment and even increase the average order value.

  1. Creates Real Time Impact

Live chat and specifically live video chat gives your brand a face and a name which immediately enhances customer trust.

It is a wonderful way to take the best of the brick and mortar store, aka the human element, and combine it with the best of the ecommerce world.

 Lowers Costs

Live support requires less resources than any other popular customer service channel.

Not only does live support save you valuable time, but also money that can then be invested in improving other aspects of your online store.

  1. Provides immediate feedback

Live chat provides immediate written feedback that can be used to solve website user experience issues and give your customers a voice.

Improves Customer Experience

Live support helps you provide your customers with a seamless experience.

Customers can use live support whenever they like, whether it is before, during and after purchasing the product.

In our hectic world, people like consistency and having a live support platform means customers can reach you the same way throughout their entire shopping journey.

Live support enables you to gain a competitive advantage by providing your customers with a top of the line customer and shopping experience.

Live Support is just that- bringing the LIFE into the e-Commerce sphere. It is giving your brand a face, name and visible personality, all tailored to your budget.

What else could you ask for?

Who Are Proonto?

Proonto is the first online shop assistants marketplace that provides eCommerce businesses with a fully managed and staffed live support solution.

Proonto’s fast growing shop assistants marketplace enables all types of eCommerce businesses to find qualified and experienced live agents.

Proonto ensures that every agent is compatible to the business in terms pay-scale, language, culture, knowledge and past experience.

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