The guys at 3twenty have written a great post for alternative ways to advertise on Facebook.

Once upon a time, social media used to be known as the best place to market a business, service or product – for free. Over the years Facebook have slowly changed the game (along with Twitter and other key platforms), meaning it’s now difficult to grow Facebook Pages without investing in advertising. Now there’s nothing wrong with using Facebook advertising to increase reach and likes, and with Facebook’s advertising model you don’t necessarily have to spend loads of money to do this (even £50 a week would suffice). However, this isn’t the only way to grow a Facebook Page or engage with fans. Here are my top three alternatives to Facebook advertising:

1.Co-create content

Content is King. We’ve heard it so many times. So why not work with a partner to create some great content together and then share it across each other’s social channels? For example, if a food brand wants to engage with18-25 year olds, co-create content with a food blogger or a local university. Not only will you create relevant content with your target audience, but you’ll also be able to share the content across their social platforms as well as your own. Your content will give you a ROI in two ways; by growing your community through being present on the partner social media channels, and by increasing engagement via the co-created content.

  1. Email marketing

Email should be like gold dust for all companies – big and small. The only problem is that some businesses have a database but don’t know how to get the most out of it. The first thing to do is to divide this up according to demographics, types of customers, interests etc. Once you’ve done this, create relevant, content-based emails that encourage your customers to come and join your brand over on social media. You need to give customers a clear call to action (CTA) and a reason to want to engage with you on the relevant social channels e.g. ‘join us on Twitter for the latest competitions’ and ‘like us on Facebook for exclusive Q&As’. The key is to tap in to your existing, already engaged customers and give them another platform to consume content.

  1. PR

PR and social media work very closely together. Think about the number of press releases you send out about your business and how you could use this as an opportunity to grow your social media presence. It may simply be a case of just adding in a line saying ‘follow us on Twitter’, or using social media to help bring your PR campaign to life. For example, if you’re releasing a new product – why not organise a live Q&A with an expert within that industry? This gives your customer a real reason to want to join you on social media and also communicates a key message about your business. If you’re already doing PR, sign posting your social channels is the simplest way to grow your community.

Visit for more information and info on how to utilize social to your full advantage.

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