Video in e-commerce

Face book live, vloggers and branded content on Snapchat are some of the most powerful, fastest growing internet channels. Martha Stewart opened Channel Advisor’s Catalyst 2017 in Nashville last week saying that she can get up to 500,000 people viewing facebook live videos which she creates using just her phone. Consumers and brands can’t get enough of video content. Video is a growing trend, and it is becoming increasingly important in e- commerce.

As our internet experience is becoming faster and increasingly mobile, we are wanting information quicker and with less effort. Videos allow us to absorb more information, faster than any other content form. The amount of time users spend watching video online has increased by 38.5% in the past two years.

Video increases time on site.

Video content makes customers spend up to 88% more time on your site.

The more time they spend on your site, the more likely they are to purchase your products. According to Invodo, over two thirds of shoppers who play video on retail sites watch video to at least 80% completion.
Video reviews are probably the most powerful form of social proof, and increase session duration by 340% when featured on product pages.

Video is good for search.

Video appears in 14% of internet search results.

According to Buffer, pages with video content see an increase of 157% in organic traffic from search engines. Google also says video campaigns will soon be grouped just like any other ad through AdWords. That means videos will soon be even more likely to show up in Google searches.

Video is good for buyer decisions.

Consumers feel 57% more confident when they encounter video content on their shopping journey.

Product videos offer the 360 degree look-and-feel of a product that is normally lost in e-commerce. This offers your customers the same feeling they’d have in a brick and mortar store and helps them trust your product and your e-commerce. 73% of consumers say they are more likely to buy a product after watching videos that explain how it works.

Videos help customers to understand what they’re buying, so they are less likely to be surprised by the products when they arrive. In this way, videos help to minimise product returns refunds. 57% of consumers say that videos make them more confident in products they buy and less likely to return their orders.

Video is a powerful sales tool, and as the way we use the internet is changing, its influence is growing. More than half, or about 57%, of consumers around the world watch videos on their mobile phones every day. The mobile phone is becoming the “default device” for Web access, and the number of mobile-only internet users will reach 52.3 million by 2021, up from 40.7 million this year.

Customer behaviour is shifting towards mobile, with visual content being favoured over text. In response to this, Frooition have developed an active content free, cost effective method to embed video content into eBay listings. Book a talk with one of our integrations specialists to discuss how you could harness the power of video in mobile compatible, active content free listings.