The eCommerce team at Frooition pride themselves on being able to fit a square peg into a round hole when it comes to BigCommerce design projects. That’s why so many clients with custom build requests find themselves calling on the Frooition team after less capable agencies let them down.

While every online retailer comes to Frooition with a “unique” problem, in reality, there is very little that our in-house team of developers and designers haven’t seen before. And when something a little out of the ordinary does come in, our creative and technical skills can usually find a solution. In this respect, we like to think of our design and build process as entrepreneurial. Essentially, we invest time, effort, and money to solve problems and create scalable solutions.

So what custom eCommerce challenges do clients typically come to Frooition with?

Five Frequently Requested Custom Design Elements for BigCommerce Builds

We’ve compiled a list of the five most frequently requested custom design elements our eCommerce clients make when scoping their new BigCommerce site builds.

    1. Mega Menus: A mega menu is a navigation strategy that displays a selection of product categories based on a “parent” category. In the example shown below, Home Brew Online expands on its general “beer” category to show four sub-categories and then break these categories down into more refined category choices.bigcommerce mega menu
      This strategy makes it easy for shoppers to navigate and find what they are looking for without relying on the site’s search functionality. The mega menu is handy when shoppers haven’t got a specific purchase in mind and want a more detailed understanding of a retailer’s various product categories. However, the deployment of mega menus doesn’t come without potential issues. Mega menus are currently a hot topic in SEO circles, with some experts warning that poorly designed mega menus can harm search engine rankings. As with most other eCommerce strategies, best practices relating to mega menus can only be delivered through experience and a constant testing regime.
    2. Countdown Timers: The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is very real. As such, there’s nothing like a limited time offer to drive eCommerce sales. Countdown timers highlighting an ever decreasing window of opportunity to land a bargain are a potent conversion enhancer. Combine an eCommerce countdown timer with limited stock availability, and suddenly you’ve got a run on sales. There are many different solutions available to BigCommerce store owners to add countdown timers to their websites. However, if you value the investment you have made in your eCommerce design, you’ll want your countdown timer to be perfectly on-brand and match your eCommerce store.
    3. Vehicle Lookup: The sale of car spare parts is not only a huge industry, it’s also a highly complex one. With so many different auto manufacturers, models, and features, it can be challenging for customers to understand if a specific part fits a particular model. This problem is amplified even further when the same parts don’t fit different models of the same car. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just enter your vehicle registration number into a website and understand immediately if a specific part is suitable for your needs? Contact us now to learn how we can help your customers match compatible auto parts with their vehicles.
    4. Product Filtering: eCommerce success is all about placing the right products in front of the right people at the right time.Product filters enable you to do this with greater accuracy. These filters enable shoppers to view products by specific characteristics such as brand, colour, size, and price. Product filters prevent shoppers from becoming overwhelmed by choice.They have been proven to aid conversion by reducing the time customers spend searching for products and reducing the time between product selection and checkout.
    5. B2B Bulk Pricing: Not all websites are consumer-facing. B2B sales are becoming an increasingly important part of the eCommerce landscape. Of course, B2B eCommerce has its own set of challenges. These challenges include bulk pricing, corporate account management, alternative payment methods including invoicing and bank transfers, and many more. Frooition’s B2B eCommerce platform of choice is BigCommerce’s B2B edition which we believe features all of the functionality most B2B brands need to serve their diverse and demanding client base.

What’s your Custom eCommerce Problem?

Do you have a custom eCommerce design and functionality request that your existing agency partner cannot fulfil? Frooition could help you fit that square peg into a round hole. To find out how we can help you, book a 15-minute discovery call with one of our eCommerce experts now.

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