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Frooition are delighted to announce the immediate availability of an exciting new advertising service in partnership with eBay. This service, eBay Promoted Listings, is now available to Frooition eBay customers within our eBay-certified Frooition software suite.

You can start a free 30-day eBay Ads Trial here:

The Promoted Listings advertising service is a Pay Per Sale service and is the first release in the eBay marketing toolkit that allows eBay sellers to get more views and grow their sales through promoted and enhanced listing visibility.

It’s not just about increasing your visibility on a search page, it’s about visibility across the whole shopping journey including SearchView ItemMy eBay and Browse pages together with other eBay locations exclusive to Promoted Listings campaigns

This new service offers the potential to increase listing views by up to 32% (average based on a comparison of item pages views before and after activating Promoted Listings in 2018 on


How it works

eBay Promoted Listings is a paid for advertising service

  • Select the price (ad rate) you’re willing to pay to promote your selected listings
  • The ad rate is a percentage of the item’s final sale price
  • Anything from 1% to 100%
  • The higher the ad rate, the more highly promoted your listing will be

For example:

  • You’re selling a mobile phone for £200
  • You’ve set an ad rate of 10%
  • You’ll pay £20 if it’s clicked on and sold within 30 days
  • Ad rates only applied to item price and not other fees


eBay Promoted Listings Availability

This new Promoted Listings service is available with:

  • Fixed price inventory
  • Nearly every category (except Wholesale & Job LotsCarsMotorcycles & VehiclesEvents TicketsPropertyE-CigarettesVapes & Accessories and Everything Else categories)
  • Multi-quantity and single quantity price listings


Why you should use it

The Benefits

    • More visibility
  • Risk-free
    • No cost per impression or click, you only pay when you sell
  • You’re in control
    • An advertising service that is agile, and easy/instant to use
    • Switch it on and switch it off
    • No creative input or design work required
  • Long term impact – A service that benefits you in the long-term
    • When your item sells, it adds to the listing sales history
    • This can help boost its position in search results and improve the item’s overall organic performance
  • Halo sales
    • Think beyond the click!
    • Free traffic is a major opportunity for branding and awareness
    • Engage future customers now who might:
      • Bookmark in browser
      • Add as a favorite seller
      • Watch an item
      • Remember you as a seller
      • Buy another item from you
  • Ease of use

How to get started

Promoted Listings is available now to all Frooition software users, just navigate to eBay > Marketing > Advertising

Get near real time data from your promotions in the advertising dashboard


Useful tools to set your ad rate individually or in bulk

eBay Ads Services

Frooition pulls in the suggested Ad Rate from eBay. You can alter this percentage on any of your advertising campaigns at


Thanks for reading about the brand new eBay promoted listings and advertising campaign.

We think that it’s a great way for you to boost your sales and would recommend every level of seller gives it a go! If you need any assistance or guidance please contact our Support Team via the Help section in the Frooition software.

We respond to tickets with both speed and accuracy. There is also a fully stocked Knowledge-base with articles covering Frooition software and the eBay platform for free.

The link to open a ticket in Frooition software is:
The link to Frooition’s knowledge-base is:

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