Direct Plants are a celebrated, eBay award winning, seller. They have built a hugely successful eBay business over the last 15 years. They reached the pinnacle of what is possible on eBay, the team turned their focus to e-commerce…

Their legacy website, running on an old self-hosted platform did not perform anywhere near as well as other channels. For many years the team just accepted this as the limits of what their products could achieve on a website.

In 2019 DirectPlants started a conversation with Frooition, who recommended they take a free BigCommerce Trial.

After initially being wowed by the functionality on offer they needed help migrating their data and products. Frooition stepped in to help and helped them migrate to a brand new website, matching the branding of their eBay store, in around 8weeks.

They saw phenomenal growth on e-commerce almost immediately, to the point they were kicking themselves for not making the switch earlier…

Fast forward to March 2020 and like every business in Britain they were headed for lockdown and preparing to weather an unknown storm.

In hindsight they needn’t have worried.. online plant sales exploded as people focus on improving their homes and gardens.

Huge Growth over eBay!

For the first time ever their e-commerce sales beat their eBay sales (which were also doing record numbers).

“Since having Frooition on board our direct website saw sales increase by up to 500% for 2 consecutive years!!!”  Shaun O’Brien – Owner DirectPlants

They are now at a point where their e-commerce sales are routinely higher than eBay, making many sales with much lower costs. [Read the full case study]

DirectPlants saw a 500% growth year on year for the last 2 years… and it all started with a free trial of a BigCommerce store.

Start your free trial today with an exclusive partnership with Frooition!

Exclusive 15 day Free BigCommerce Trial

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