Turbo Lister will be discontinued February 2019

Turbo lister will be discontinued in February 2019. The tool hasn’t been updated in many years. However, Turbo lister has been at the centre of listing administration for many sellers for a long time. It’s discontinuing will leave a gap for many. No need to worry though, there are plenty of  options for replacing Turbo Lister.

If you’re listing 5-10 items at a time, eBay Seller Hub is good for creating and managing basic listings. Sellers listing more than this need functions like bulk edit and amend, so need more than just Seller Hub.

If you want to scale up to full inventory management and order processing across marketplaces, you should look at eBay inventory and order management tools. This is quite a jump from Turbo Lister though. For Turbo Lister users who just want to create and manage professional eBay listings, this would be too much.

Frooition eBay listing software was created with eBay focused sellers in mind. The transition pathway from Turbo Lister is smooth and effortless. Data can be downloaded from Turbo Lister and uploaded to the Frooition eBay listing tool.

After the transfer, the upgraded features of Frooition’s eBay listing tool will save you time and improve the quality of your listings. The clear and intuitive layout of Frooition’s listing tool means that sellers don’t need to learn a new way to list – the tool guides you. You just log in and follow the steps. And if you have any problems, our in-house support team are always on hand to help.

Frooition software is the fastest way to list to eBay. Catalog integration means that when you list items included in the eBay catalog, most information is pre-filled for you. Creating multi variation listings is simplified and the listing process is streamlined.

Turbo Lister VS Frooition eBay listing tool

Turbo Lister Features

If you would like to know more about migrating from Turbo Lister to Frooition, please fill a contact form and one of our eBay certified advisers will contact you.

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