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TurboLister will stop after February 2019

Nobody likes change.

Change is difficult, change takes time, and in e-commerce, time really is money. But what if change could be effortless?

What if change could actually save you time, and improve your efficiency? TurboLister is being discontinued in Feb 2019 and that means change for many sellers. Frooition have been aware of this prospect on the horizon for some time, and we have prepared a transition pathway for TurboLister clients which is smooth and effortless.

Sellers currently using TurboLister can upgrade to Frooition and import all of their data from TurboLister into the Frooition eBay listing tool.

After the transfer, the upgraded features of Frooition’s eBay listing tool will save you time and improve the quality of your listings. The clear and intuitive layout of Frooition’s listing tool means that sellers don’t need to learn a new way to list – the tool guides you. You just log in and follow the steps. And if you do have any problems, our in-house support team are on hand to help. Catalog integration means that when you list items included in the eBay catalog, most information is pre-filled for you. Creating multi variation listings is simplified

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Export your TurboLister Data:

Exporting all of your TurboLister data is simple:

  1. Open the TurboLister desktop app
  2. Go to Ended Listings under Listing Activity.
  3. Click within the main listings window and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A to select all listings.
  4. Go to the main menu and select File > Export Selected Items.
  5. Select Turbo Lister Format (CSV file) format and export your listings.

Import into Frooition & List:

Importing into Frooition is even easier!

  1. Login to the Frooition Software
  2. Click eBay > Listings Tab
  3. Click import
  4. Select the TurboLister CSV as the Import Method
  5. Upload your CSV
  6. You can now continue to list through the Frooition software- as outlined here

Frooition VS TurboLister?

Bulk Edit Listings
Works on all devices
Web Based Technology
List to all eBay Sites
List with parts Compatibility
List with eBay catalogue
List with Multi-variations
Up to date with latest eBay changes and features
Add videos to listings
Add design to listings
Save pre-sets and tab content
Compatible with other 3rd party listing tools

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