If you are not yet familiar with eBay’s product-focused shopping experience, it’s when you search for an item on eBay, and rather than seeing a long list of all the individual listings for that particular item, you see an item landing page like the one below, showing a simplified overview of buying options. Only a limited number of categories are currently included in the eBay product based shopping experience, but the list of included categories is expanding.

The product-focused shopping experience makes shopping easier and quicker.

product focused shopping experience eBay

The buy box enables customers to click to buy the featured offer without going into a listing. This is great news for sellers who get the buy box, but even for the seller lucky enough to win that coveted spot, such a short journey is rare. Even for items which are new and identical, customers usually want to compare details like delivery. Most customers will have questions and want to compare at this point.

Listing pages are where customers go to find in-depth information about individual items.

By the time a potential customer gets to your listing, they have searched keywords related to your product and are well into their research phase of the buying process.

People looking at your product page want further information to help them decide if this offering is the right one for them. The product page needs to convince a person to make the final purchasing decision.

Without design, when customers click to see listings they will see something that looks like an unstyled word document. Just rows of plain text. Write more than a couple of lines, and customers are unlikely to even read it.

With listing design, you can answer customer’s questions and overcome their objections in a way that’s exciting and engaging. The listing below is for a pair of boys school shoes. See how Treads have used listing design to elevate their brand and overcome customer objections.

eBay product focused experience listing

The design for this listing instantly lets a customer know that they are buying from the Treads brand. The top selling points/responses to customer objections are immediately visible in the header, removing objections before the customer has even read the description. Multiple images give customers a 360-degree view of the shoe, and the embedded video reinforces quality points and reasons to purchase.

The best product pages are detailed product pages.

This listing design works because it leaves no customer question unanswered. If you want high converting listings, you need to be exact with your descriptions. Words like ‘big’ or ‘nice’ are too vague and subjective to close a sale. Include measurements. Include a photo of it next to another item for scale.

The example above doesn’t just describe the shoe as high quality because they know that’s a subjective statement and the customer’s natural reaction will be to question it. They put a 30-day guarantee on the quality, use multiple photos, an illustration of the shoe’s construction, and a video showing the shoe standing up to wear and tear.

The visual elements in this listing enable customers to quickly decide for themselves that this is a high-quality shoe.

Images are the key deciding factor for most purchases on eBay, so with Frooition listing design, you can have up to 20 product images per listing.


Treds listing design also includes a size chart. Listings for clothing and shoes are not yet included in the product based shopping experience, but listings for these items should always include the relevant sizing chart. For many items in the sporting goods category, which is included, sizing charts would be relevant. For other included categories such as musical equipment or power tools, there may be alternative supporting documents to include in listings. If you sell across multiple categories, infinity eBay design makes including these additional charts or documents simple.

Listing design gives you creative control. As well as projecting your brand and displaying products in exciting and informative ways, you can use listing design to promote offers and other listings. The Treads listing above has a cross-promotion bar where they show their other listings for boys school shoes.

Offers promotion boxes and cross promotion are still relied upon heavily by the biggest e-commerce brands. That’s because they increase time on site, conversion rate and average basket value. That works just the same on eBay as it does on any e-commerce site. Frooition cross promotion is unique because it’s dynamic. That means it updates itself. When an item sells out, it won’t be in the cross-promotion anymore. You only promote your live listings.


With the product based shopping experience on eBay making comparison shopping on eBay even easier, sellers need to pull out all the stops to convert customers while they are in their listings.  As a professional eBay seller, you need to make sure that your listing pages have all the elements that will make them successful at converting visitors into customers. Consider who your customer is and how you can effectively prove the value of your products and services. Put those elements into your listing design and you will see your eBay conversion improve.

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