eBay app center closing

Ebay has announced that they will be closing the eBay app center for ebay.com (US) sellers at the end of September 2018.

The good news is Frooition already have an eBay certified solution in place for our apps customers.

Froo Apps customers can move their subscriptions over to the eBay certified Froo apps center in seconds – without any break in service.

Moving is easy. All you need to do is input your email address, create a password and enter your eBay ID.

Click here to move your subscription now.

Will I see any difference?

The only real difference will be how you access your apps. The eBay Applications tab will be removed soon, so rather than clicking that tab, you will need to bookmark https://apps.froo.com and sign into the apps center there.

There will be no change to the apps you are using or the way they work with your listings.

Frooition eBay certified app center:

  • Improved app center layout
  • Embedded support system
  • Faster servers
  • Move your existing app subscription to the Froo apps center to lock in your existing price
  • Template Themes & Cross Sell are mobile responsive
  • All designs are Active Content Free
  • All designs HTTPS
  • No need to update live listings
  • 30 second signup
  • Secure payment through PayPal


How do I upgrade?

Click here to upgrade to Froo app center

Just enter your email address, create a password and enter your eBay ID.

Everything else is done for you!

What about my existing subscription?

Your existing eBay subscription will be canceled and transferred across to Froo apps.

Will the software be any different?

The Froo.com Apps center layout and navigation mirrors what you will have seen in the eBay Apps center, so you will find all the features you use where you expect to find them. The only difference is that we have added additional features to the Froo Apps center, so you get an even more from your Apps and a better Apps experience.

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