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Infinity is the complete professional level service for premium brands and ambitious sellers.

Instead of 1 static design, Infinity includes 4 separate templates, tailor listings to brands, gender, language and season.

Our premium service combines customer experience focused design, with Frooition’s powerful sales enhancing features and time saving software.

Infinity is a bespoke solution and includes 4 different listing template designs. Your eBay certified designer will personally consult with you, and work to your specification. They will then give you a design preview and invite you to give feedback. The design is not complete until you have a preview you are delighted with.

We apply the design to your live listings, install the design for you and support you ongoing.

Infinity is more than the appearance of your eBay listings. Infinity’s supporting software streamlines and simplifies selling on eBay. It gives you the ability to apply design directly to live listings, set rules for how items will be cross promoted and edit listings in bulk from one easy to use dashboard.

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Multiple Templates

With Frooition Infinity, you can create multiple designs for your product listings. Choose a different style based on category, brand or product type. Create rules to select which style and design to apply at launch!

Enhance categories by giving them their own distinct image

Improve your customer's experience of them by including the relevant size charts, promotions and additional information.

Strengthen your brand affiliation and encourage customer trust with custom branded designs.

Expand your business on eBay by selling in different categories from one account - Maximising profits and growing positive feedback.

Case Studies:

Real Truck ionic


Real Truck use 3 different templates for their top selling brands

Template Features:

  • Theme change based on brand
  • Differing brand videos
  • Additional description area for brand features

How are the templates applied?

The templates are automatically applied using Frooition Auto Apply based on the category they list to.

Vyair UK Vyair Germany


Vyair use multiple templates for the different languages (English, German, French and Italian)

Template Features:

  • Language changes for headers and links
  • Different terms and condition text in the seller info tabs
  • Only the German store categories are shown
  • Links point to the domain

The templates are chosen at the point of listing in the Frooition eBay Software.

Normal Template Black Friday


Midwest Aftermarket wanted different templates for different selling seasons. They had a normal, Black Friday and Christmas template. They Used Bulk Revision to apply the design to all their listings in a few minutes and switched them back after the holidays.

Template Features:

  • Theme change based for all listings to promote the holiday season
  • Different header & logo
  • Different Banners
  • Re-theming of the entire template

How are the templates applied?

The templates are applied in bulk, using Bulk Revision, at the client's leisure.

What's Included?


Topseller Section Header Store Link Categories Image Gallery Links Footer Subheader Nav Cross Promo Tabs Description

Listing features:

  • 4 different product page designs
  • 1,2 or 3 column product page design
    • Dynamic categories that auto update Unique
    • Dynamic cross-promotion Unique
    • Mobile responsive & compliant
    • Fixed gallery layout
    • Seller info tabs
  • Optional Features:
    • Subheader Categories
    • Promotional Banner
    • Brand Search Boxes
    • Category Boxes
    • Logo Design
  • Store page branding
  • Add video to your product listings
  • Design applied for you
  • Frooition Software Access
  • 1 month hosting and delivery
  • Auto apply design

Frooition Software:

  • List directly to eBay
  • Update live listings
  • Bulk apply design
  • Update promotions & terms
  • Generate templates for all listing tools
  • Full software features

Professional design process:

  1. Branding consultation - Book Now
  2. Document your requirements in a simple form
  3. Review multiple design previews
  4. Full design installation
  5. We apply the design to your products Unique

eBay Store Branding

As part of the Infinity eBay design service, you also get store page branding.

We provide you with your logo and header graphics perfectly sized to add to your eBay store. This allows you to carry across elements of your brand on every store page.

Can you create custom stores?

No, as per the eBay site changes, stores can no-longer have custom HTML design elements.

Existing customers can retain their custom HTML stores until eBay retire the format.

eBay Store Page branding

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