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Running a business alone or with a small team requires constantly juggling tasks. Prioritising the tasks that best use your talents is difficult when all the tasks you have on your plate are vital for keeping your business afloat, and time is at a premium.

This is why automation is the savior of every successful e-commerce merchant.

But with so many tools to choose from, just finding the right time-saving tools can take up a lot of time in itself.

So we’ve done the research for you. We tested (and even made apps of our own!) and this is our list of easy online tools that any seller can register with today and instantly create more time.


Social media is great for marketing your business and communicating with customers, but it can also be a massive time drain. Blocking sites which distract you can be one of the best things you can do to help make yourself more productive.

With blocking tools such as Self Control and Cold Turkey You can schedule in time slots for blocking when you want to focus on a task and you can sign into one account across a number of devices including Mac and Windows desktops, iPhones and iPads.

Smart Social

Hootsuite offers you the tools to manage all your social profiles from a single dashboard and automatically find and schedule effective social content. Connecting with over 35 social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube, Hootsuite organizes your social accounts into streams, giving you access to all of your social feeds on one page.

With Hootsuite’s Auto Scheduling you can maintain a 24/7 presence on social media. Once you have a content schedule, it’s easy to add new posts to fill the gaps. You can use the Hootlet browser extension to schedule posts with interesting content you see online, without leaving that content page. Or you can upload your content in bulk via a CSV file.

However you choose to add your content, you can always see your schedule at a glance either in a list or a calendar with daily, weekly or monthly views.

Hootsuite comes with a default report showing your key metrics on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can take this to the next level by building customized dashboards or using templates to check on engagement.

List Fast

With Frooition’s Auto Apply, sellers with design on their listings can list in the way a seller with no design would, from any device, with no extra steps, and see their listings appear on eBay with full custom design applied.

Going one step further, sellers can attach multiple listing designs to their eBay account and Auto Apply will know which to attach to each item listed. For example, if you are a clothing seller and you list a men’s sweatshirt, Auto Apply will know to attach your men’s fashion listing design with men’s sizing chart. When you list a woman’s sweatshirt, it will know to apply your woman’s fashion listing design with women’s sizing chart.

No cut and paste code, no extra options to click, just list your item.

Eliminate Paper

Are you drowning in receipts and other paper documents? Are you dreading having to sift through all of them when tax season rolls along? Let Shoeboxed offer up some assistance. This service provides an easy way to digitize, categorize, and archive your receipts, business cards, and other documents. It streamlines accounting and bookkeeping tasks and helps users find deductions, expenses, and other pertinent information.

Submit your receipts and other docs to Shoeboxed and the service will extract significant information — vendor, total, date, payment type — from the documents, verify them with human eyes, and then organize the data into your fully searchable account.

Effortless Delivery

Fast, reliable delivery is essential to e-commerce success. But comparing shipping options can be unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming.

ShipStation’s easy shipping comparison makes purchasing the best option for your business fast and easy. It also gives you access to discounted shipping rates and lets you create and batch print shipping labels in just a few clicks.

ShipStation’s order management software provides shipping solutions that seamlessly integrate with all major UK shipping carriers, shopping carts, e-commerce marketplaces: Amazon.co.uk, eBay.co.uk, Etsy, Woo, Magento, Magento 2, Shopify, OpenCart, Squarespace, Presta, BigCommerce, Weebly and many more.

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