The start of each new year is a time for reflection on the year that was, as well as a time for planning for the successes of the coming year.

You probably have a whole host of personal resolutions revolving around health, fitness, relationships, and self-fulfillment, but let’s take a moment to shed some light on what you could focus on to improve your business.

Even if you’ve already made the same, clichéd personal resolutions for yourself (that probably won’t stick past January), it’s not too late to make some resolutions for your e-commerce business. Simple resolutions that really could change your business and your life.

Below are five easy resolutions that could help make 2018 your most successful e-commerce year yet:

Explore New Marketplaces

Being happy with just selling from one place online means you’re potentially missing out on finding, connecting, and selling to customers who are loyal to other marketplaces.

With a Shopify or a BigCommerce store adding a new marketplace is incredibly simple. Read our post on choosing online marketplaces for your business and increase your customer base for 2018.

Get Serious About Accessibility

With 125 Million U.S. consumers now owning smartphones and 62% of smartphone users having made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 months, having a mobile-friendly website is a must. These days, ignoring smartphones and tablets means leaving money on the table. Not to mention hearing from disgruntled and previously interested visitors annoyed at how difficult it is to get around your site.

If you need more convincing, nearly 70% Amazon’s 2017 holiday sales happened via mobile devices.

That’s why all Frooition designs are fully responsive to any device type.

Refresh Your Product Photography

Larger product images can increase online sales by up to 9%. And that’s just the size of the images. From lower bounce rates to visitors browsing multiple product pages and spending more time on them, beautiful product photography can be an e-commerce game changer.

Consider things like the background, lighting, color that you’re using as well as how your product is portrayed in real-life scenarios to avoid losing sales just because of your photography. Then there’s optimizing images and product pages to make them more searchable, shareable, and attractive.

We also strongly suggest incorporating user-generated images taken with services like Instagram using a plug in for Shopify or BigCommerce. Sharing customer pictures not only demonstrates social proof but also gives browsers insight into how your product looks like on a real-life customer, which in turn enables them to envision it on themselves.

Preen your Mailing list

Sending the exact same email to every single contact on your mailing list is probably no better than sending out a direct mail campaign and gauging success based on how many coupons were used or how many surveys were filled out. Some of your customers will like it, but some won’t, and that makes it a risky tactic.

If there’s one thing people hate about their inbox, it’s the amount of irrelevant email they get from lists they have long forgotten signing up to. Your list will be made up of many different groups with different interests. Even if you only sell one product; there’s prospective customers, existing customers, new customers, and former customers.

Each one deserves a unique and tailored email strategy. Using tools like MailChimp, you can segment and create lists based on things like customer type, interests, location, and so much more.

Relevance is the difference between the best email marketing and spam mail. Curating a good mailing list could bring real dividends for you in 2018.

Clear the Clutter

Holding stock costs you money. If you have stock sitting around, use retail discount days in 2018 as a time to clear out, and generate more visits to your store. Plan your discounting to coincide with peak shopping periods such as Black Friday or the first week of December for maximum traffic, then follow up with mail campaigns.

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