Halloween Template Themes

Halloween Template Themes Available now!

Get into the Halloween “spirit” with these fantastic ghoulish template themes.

Froo Template themes allows eBay sellers to instantly apply pre-designed templates to their live eBay listings. Making your listings look great has never been easier.

Adding the template to your live eBay listings is simple;

  • Choose a design
  • Add your logo
  • Fill in your seller info tabs (e.g. About, Returns, Shipping etc.)
  • Select the items you want to apply the design too
  • Apply to 200 listings in one click

Froo! Template Themes has 90 Halloween based themes available to instantly apply to all your eBay Listings today.

Even better new customers can sign up for 30 days free trial – meaning if you signup now you can have spine-chilling Halloween listings for 30 days and not pay a penny!

Another great feature of Froo! Template Themes is you can apply different themes to different products; meaning you can use a creepy template for your Halloween related products and a clean modern theme for your electronics.

After the trial Froo template themes is just £2.50 per month for access to over 6,000 designs!!

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