SellerRelease 2014

EBay have released their first seller release of 2014 they have outlined the changes that will be coming to eBay over the next year.

The changes are:

  • eBay Seller Standards
  • Holiday Returns
  • Category and item specific updates
  • New site experience
  • Picture standards Update

EBay Seller Standards

The biggest changes to eBay are all about Seller standards, the idea of the changes are to make it easier for buyers to determine who the best sellers are as well as showing sellers where they can improve.

  • The seller standard changes include:
  • A single combined score
  • Clearer thresholds for the combined score
  • Built in protection against a few buyers affecting a sellers business
  • A new seller dashboard to monitor performance

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Holiday Returns

EBay are introducing extended returns periods for the holiday period. Any transactions completed between November and December will need to offer an extended returns policy if they wish to obtain the eBay Premium Service benefits.

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Category and Item Specific Updates

EBay have made updates to certain categories find out what has changed:



New Site Experience (UK)

EBay have announced to UK sellers the option to use new look stores from summer 14.

The new stores use a larger width header (billboard) and accommodate the new square store logos. The stores have larger product photos, follow buttons, social media buttons as well as introducing collections to buyers.

The new look stores are optional for sellers that don’t have a customized store.  Sellers with a customized store (including Frooition design customers) don’t need to do anything.

Sellers who do opt in to the new store layout can opt back out at anytime.

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Picture standards now apply to Good ‘Til Cancelled listings (UK)

EBay have added to the picture standards policy (announced in March 2013) to include good ’til cancelled listings from May 2014.

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For the full story please refer to eBay’s news releases :



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