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Froo! Cross Sell is a fantastic FREE app for eBay sellers. Developed by Frooition, this application adds a dynamic scrolling item gallery to your live eBay listings.

This great app helps sellers increase their sales and grow their business for FREE – through enhanced visibility and cross promotion.

Cross Sell uses the latest web technologies and is mobile compatible and works with eBay’s mobile apps. The product list is fed dynamically using the eBay API so you will never show dead links or items that have been sold – it automatically updates!

Cross Sell is so simple to use, you can add the gallery to all of your live listings with 1 click. If you have listings that already have a cross sell gallery; don’t worry it won’t duplicate the gallery. Sellers can also add the cross sell gallery to individual listings using the eBay item Id.


With Cross Sell you are in control, you can choose 1 of 19 design themes for your gallery including seasonal galleries too! You can also choose how fast your items scroll and choose to display 5 to 50 separate items based on your sort order.  You can even add a personal message to the gallery to encourage your customers to browse your other items.


It is well documented that cross promoting products in eBay listings grows sales.  By cross promoting similar items you can encourage the prospective buyer to browse through your items rather than going back to the core search. The more of your items a buyer sees, the higher chance you have of converting a sale!


  • Advertise up to 50 additional eBay items on every listing
  • Extremely simple to use (one click application)
  • Choose from 19 designs
  • Mobile compatible
  • Dynamically updates products
  • Completely Free!


  • Increased sales
  • Increased basket values
  • Increased customer retention
  • Enhanced buying experience
  • Enhanced visitor engagement through moving imagery
  • A FREE way to grow you business

Who is Froo! Cross Sell for?

Cross sell really is universal; it works for any eBay seller who has more than 1 item live. Cross sell works for sellers who don’t have design in their listings but is also a great FREE addition for Frooition design customers who want to maximise their cross promotion opportunities.

How do I get Froo Cross Sell?

EASY! Signup for a free Froo Apps account ( – don’t worry you don’t even need to add any payment details.

Once you have a Froo Apps account browse the apps we have available and add Froo! Cross Sell to your account.


Testimonials from Froo! Cross Sell Users

“Love IT! – It makes me feel more secure to know that my customers are able to see my other selling listings.”

Just what we were looking for! – We wanted to let our customers know about our other items and this helps drive them to our store!”

“Way more bids highly recommend it! Truly works – Very simple and user friendly. Excellent App”

“Excellent in getting add on sales. Very easy to use – The app works very well with my 14,000 listings.  Loads to new listings almost immediately and does what it’s supposed to do REALLY WELL.  I couldn’t be more pleased.”


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