part3- conferences

Conferences, a memorable experience

Of all the marketing channels available to you conferences are one of the most effective and memorable.

As we discovered in part 2 of effective traditional marketing, the more senses you can engage the more memorable the experience becomes; conferences allow businesses to engage all 5 prospect senses and create opportunities for meaningful conversation.

Whether attending or exhibiting at a conference, consider the following:

Sight – “the desire of the eyes”

Sight can overpower the strongest of hearts; ensure every aspect of your business is desirable to the eyes of your prospects. This starts from the way in which you dress at a conference to the way in which you present your product or service on your stand.

Hearing – “music to my ears”

The power of speech is incredible, ensure you convey a pleasant and approachable demeanour with every conversation you have. If you’re exhibiting, consider the possible association of music to enhance your stand.

Smell – “sweeter than the scent of roses”

Smell naturally draws attention; if you’re attending pay attention to what perfume/aftershave you wear, ensure it’s both pleasant and drawing. If you’re attending, consider offering complimentary aromatic foods from your stand.

Taste – “leave a sweet taste in the mouth”

While many products are not suitable for eating, you can appeal to your prospects tastes by complimenting your products with positively associated food such as sweets or chocolate.

Touch “Never underestimate the hand shake”

Humans create protective ‘comfort zones’, a barrier of space between ourselves and others around us. As a business your first step should be to breach this barrier, a handshake is a great way to enter a person’s comfort zone and fully engage with them.

Ask yourself, can my product be sampled? How can it be experienced by my prospects?

Interaction and response

Most importantly, you can create opportunities to engage and respond to prospects face to face in order to nurture prospect interests and desires to buy your product or service.

Hot Tip:  Consider how the method of engagement associates to your brand and product i.e. Would you use the smell and taste of burgers to draw people to your club fitness stand?

Not only do exhibitions allow businesses to engage multiple prospect senses, but they also create a fantastic opportunity for you to mix modern and traditional marketing.

Hot Tip: Ensure you support your exhibition strategy with a multi-channel marketing strategy to acquire maximum prospect mindshare.

Below are few fantastic events you should consider attending:


pesa-conference-2013Special Early Bird Rate –
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eBay and Ecommerce
PeSA Australia
29-31st May 2013
online-retailer Ecommerce
Online Retailer
19-22nd August 2013
ecomconfexpo Ecommerce
Ecommerce Conference & Expo
16-18th April 2013


United Kingdom

Special Early Bird Rate – 

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Channel Advisor Catalyst EU
3-4th June 2013
b-startup Ecommerce
Business Startup
6-7th June 2013

United States

irce-2013 Ecommerce
Internet Retailer Conference
4-7th June 2013
eBay-RadioSpecial Early Bird Rate until 31st May  eBay and Ecommerce
eBay Radio
18-20th June 2013
eBay Radio Learn More
iceretailer Ecommerce and Marketing
20-21st September 2013

Check back next week for the final part, ‘Conferences, a memorable experience’.

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