Effective Traditional Marketing

As we discovered last week, you should strive to stimulate as many of your prospect senses as possible in order to become memorable and acquire mindshare.

“Traditional marketing often engages two or more senses and gives rise to meaningful immediate interaction”

Traditional marketing has a place in the marketing plan of today, however, the real questions to ask are, what marketing options are available to you? And, which are going to be most effective?

The answer, it depends…

If money was no object, the answer would be easy; you’d choose all of them! Sadly, the reality of marketing is that it does cost, and even if you have a larger budget you might still struggle to acquire mindshare and become memorable. Therefore it depends on how much you have to spend, who your target market is and what you are going to market.

Choose wisely

The key to any marketing medium is the ability to test, measure and evaluate. If you know what works, you’ll be able to reinvest and rollover to continue growing your business on this medium. Also, if you know what doesn’t work well, you’ll be able to make changes and improve on these elements for your next campaign or free budget to test other mediums.


When choosing your marketing consider:

  • Does my target market engage with this medium?
    For example, if you sell Ferrari’s are you likely to market these using faxes?
    Consider the brand association and buyer objections that might be generated.
  • Is this medium ‘relevant’ to my product?
    For example, would it make sense for a fast food chain to sponsor a healthy sporting event? (Consider the brand association and buyer objections that can be generated).
  • How many senses does this medium engage?
    The more senses engaged and stimulated the more memorable your product or business will become.
  • How much of my competition share this medium?
    The more competition, the harder it is to be seen.
  • How much ‘noise’ is on this medium?
    If you’re marketing on Twitter, consider how much other ‘traffic noise’ is already present on this medium; your message might be lost.
  • How much will this medium cost?
    If your chosen marketing medium is expensive you might consider halving the budget and testing two cheaper marketing mediums.
  • Do I have the skills in house or the money to use third parties?
    Knowledge is power, yet it takes time to acquire, if you don’t have the resources to hand it can sometimes be more cost effective to outsource your requirements.
  • How long will it take to set-up and test this medium?
    Time is money and some campaigns take a lot longer to prepare than others; choose wisely.
  • Can you easily measure the effectiveness of this medium?
    Data is king; the more you know about the campaign the more informed you can be when making decisions.

Exercise: List all the marketing mediums available to you and answer each question above rating 1-10 (1 being least rewarding, and 10 being most rewarding). Add them up and the marketing mediums with the highest scores will be the best place to start testing.

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Check back next week for the final part, ‘Conferences, a memorable experience’.

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