This new seller release brings some great new features to help streamline the listing process for sellers as well as help protect and aid sellers when it comes to payments.

To help you understand the latest seller release, Frooition, the World’s leading eBay Designer have created a wealth of FREE articles to explain what the updates mean for sellers and how they will benefit your business.

All of the new features announced in the Seller release are supported by the Frooition design management software – another great reason to use Certified eBay Providers!

(Please note this is just a guide to the eBay Seller Release, check for the latest information)

Seller Release 13.1 USA Key Features:

  • Business policies: Global setting presets, save time writing your business policies separately for each listing
  • Picture Quality Policy – eBay will be enforcing the picture quality policy announced in seller release 12.2
  • Feedback Protection – if a seller wins an unpaid item claim the buyers feedback will be removed
  • Fixed Priced immediate payment – all fixed price listings will now require immediate payment
  • Best Offer immediate payment – all best offers will now require immediate payment once accepted
  • Shorter Unpaid Item Filing – The UPI claim filing will be reduced from 4 days to 2 days
  • Introduction of Same Day Handling – sellers can now choose to offer a 0 day handling time
  • Category Re-classifications – The number of categories on eBay is being reduced and aligned across eBay domains
  • Global Shipping Program – eBay are allowing more users to join the GSP – GSP allows US sellers to ship to a local center and eBay take care of the international shipping on the sellers behalf
  • eBay Fee Changes: Introducing an allowance of zero insertion fees for store subscribers

As a seller what do I need to do?

Business Policies: – This is an Opt-in choice so you don’t need to do anything unless you wish to use it.

Picture quality policy – Check the updated picture policy and ensure that your product pictures don’t infringe the policies. If an image does infringe you will be unable to list new items with that image but existing listings will be left on eBay until they sell or expire.

Introduction of same day handling – If you wish to use this functionality you just need to select 0 days at the point of listing or revise existing listings.

Global Shipping Policies – GSP is an opt-in program, sellers will need to opt in to use this as a shipping option at point of listing.

Click here to see a calender of eBay Changes

Check back tomorrow for an in-depth look at each feature of the seller release and what it means to you!

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