EBay have today announced the UK spring 2013 Business Seller News (Seller Release 13.1), the new release introduces some great new features to help sellers and provide a better experience for buyers.

To help you understand the latest seller release, Frooition, the World’s leading eBay Designer have created a wealth of FREE articles to explain what the updates mean for sellers and how they will benefit your business.

All of the new features announced in the Seller release are supported by the Frooition design management software – another great reason to use Certified eBay Providers!

The following changes apply to eBay.co.uk – look out for the eBay.com release later today for all the eBay details for the US!

(Please note this is just a guide to the eBay Seller Release, check eBay.co.uk for the latest information)

Update: eBay have released this fantastic video showcasing the new changes:

Seller Release 13.1 UK Key Features:

  • eBay Shop Subscriptions: Dedicated support for Featured and Anchor shop subscribers, an allowance of zero insertion fees and a price increase for Basic and Featured shops
  • Free additional pictures: All sellers will be able to upload up to 12 images for free!
  • Category & Item Specifics Changes: The number of categories on eBay is being reduced and aligned across eBay domains
  • Business policies: Global setting presets, save time writing your business policies separately for each listing
  • Updated Vehicle Parts & Accessories sell item form: updated sell item form that makes it easier to assign compatible vehicles to your listings
  • Top Rated Seller Changes: increased standards to achieve TRS status and improved benefits for Top Rated Sellers
  • New standard Returns Policy for the UK: Sellers will be required to state who pays the return postage cost and how long a buyer has to cancel a transaction
  • Picture Standards Policy : eBay will be enforcing the picture quality policy announced in seller release 12.2
  • Introduction of Same Day Dispatch : sellers can now choose to offer a 0 day handling time
  • Shorter Unpaid Item Filing – The UPI claim filing will be reduced from 4 days to 2 days
  • Fixed Priced immediate payment – all fixed price listings will now require immediate payment
  • Best Offer immediate payment – all best offers will now require immediate payment once accepted

Other Changes:

  • Shipping – New international tracked postage: Opt –in to full end to end tracking for international parcels
  • Tickets Moving to Stub Hub: all tickets will need to be listed on StubHub rather than eBay.
  • EBay Charity no minimum donation: Sellers can choose to offer 10% for charity rather than a minimum £1 donation
  • Unique product identifier to appear in Google Shopping: If you use a unique product identifier your listings will appear on Google shopping for free!

As a seller what do I need to do?

Business Policies: – This is an Opt-in choice so you don’t need to do anything unless you wish to use it.

Picture standards policy – Check the updated picture policy and ensure that your product pictures don’t infringe the policies. If an image does infringe you will be unable to list new items with that image but existing listings will be left on eBay until they sell or expire.

Top Rated Seller Changes – make sure you read and understand the updated seller standards to ensure you don’t lose your top rated seller status.

Introduction of same day handling – if you wish to use this functionality you just need to select 0 days at the point of listing or revise existing listings.

Keep checking back daily for the latest information!

Click here to see eBay’s seller checklist Calendar

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