Great news! We’ve just enhanced our new and exciting import / export tool for BigCommerce to eBay and eBay to BigCommerce which means sellers can now harness even more sales potential in a multi-channel market!

FREE for Existing Frooition Clients

Our powerful software addition enables eBay or BigCommerce sellers to export their product inventory into Frooition and then export them to BigCommerce or eBay respectively.

Key Benefits:

  • Go multi-channel and increase your product exposure and sales!
  • Sell your products on the world’s largest online market place – eBay.
  • Sell your eBay products through your own BigCommerce website!
  • List your products to eBay in half the usual time.
  • Create a consistent product experience in your eBay store and BigCommerce website.
    And much more!

eBay to BigCommerce

Our fantastic software enables eBay sellers to quickly and easily export their products into BigCommerce; you simply select the products you wish to export (these can be active, sold or  unsold items) and then map them to the category you want to export them to in BigCommerce; this also means you can have a different category structure to eBay.

BigCommerce to eBay

As a Frooition BigCommerce seller you can easily export your products into Frooition’s software and from there list to any eBay site in literally half the usual time!

Want to know more?

Simply contact us today where we are only to happy to explain the features of this powerful tool!

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