Announced today, Frooition the world’s leading eBay Design Company have just announced the launch of their new eBay design solution; which empowers sellers to create and update their own professional eBay store!

Limited only by your imagination, this unique solution enables sellers to embrace their brand and easily change their store design.

Why would I want to update my store appearance?

To put it simply, maximise sales on the largest online market place in the World, eBay.

By updating and rebranding your store regularly you will:

  • Increase eBay sales
    • Easily run special promotions on your eBay store to drive more sales
    • Quickly react to competitors marketing
    • Promote new hot product lines as they arrive
    • Create multiple store layouts for peak trading periods and seasonal trends
    • Create product content pages where products update dynamically based on sold items and new listings
  • Increase buyer confidence
    • Rebrand your store to meet the latest products and fashion trends
    • Regularly update your store hero to remain fresh and engaging
    • Actively display and update your feedback and customer testimonials in your eBay store
    • Display badges of confidence and guarantees i.e. 30 day money back guarantee
  • Increase customer loyalty
    • Regularly updating deals and special promotions keeps your store fresh and actively encourages return visits
    • Designing your store with intuitive navigation and easy product find will encourage an enjoyable and easy eBay buying experience
  • Enhance your brand experience.
    • Easily update your store design with ‘Drag and Drop’ technology
    • Utilise store hot spots to enhance branding and convey company USP’s
    • Design your store with intuitive navigation and easy product find
    • Cycle brand enhancing images to lift your online brand experience

And so very much more!

So what is Signature?

Signature is a fully hosted and managed design platform which empowers sellers with everything they need to update their eBay store without having to worry about all the ‘techy stuff’ which normally comes with running and growing an eBay business.

Delivered with a Frooition world leading eBay Store and listing design, so you can enjoy all the benefits of our expert design team as well as access to the latest in eBay design technology.

Sellers can embrace their brand and enjoy the many benefits of our Signature solution:

  • Enhances your buyers shopping experience
  • 100% custom design to your specification
  • Inspires greater buyer confidence
  • Increases brand loyalty
  • Photo gallery area displays up to 20 images without incurring additional eBay fees.
  • Intuitive navigation with easy product find
  • You can apply the new design to your active listings without having to end them.
  • Proven to increase eBay sales by up to a massive 30%!

And much more…

Complete peace of mind…

Unlike many design companies, Frooition are the world’s only eBay Certified Provider that specialises in design. This means we’re verified by eBay to ensure our designs won’t break any of those scary eBay rules (so with us you won’t suffer Seller Restrictions on your Account).

In addition all of our designs are run through strict Frooition quality control checks, preserving our reputation of ‘World Leading Designs’ and ensuring delivery of an outstanding eBay store and listing design.

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