As an eBay seller one of the biggest mistakes you can make is failing to keep your eBay presence updated. For most people the process is time consuming not to mention confusing. But, there are four good reasons to keep your eBay store fresh.



Store accessibility doesn’t just mean meeting web standards, it is very important to have a user interface that is easy to use and navigate the pages within your store. Good navigation will allow your buyers to get to products that they are interested in quickly. Leading your store visitors through categories, brands and products with an inviting interface, will enhance the buyers shopping experience and inspire their confidence to purchase.



Your eBay store has grown and grown and now it is difficult to find products. It is good practice for any store owner to test their navigation within their store, ensuring that your visitors are getting to the products they want to buy. As you product range grows you should be adding features such as product finders, additional categorisation, or special areas within your store to promote brands or seasonal products.


New Tech

With purchases via mobiles devices increasing year on year, if your eBay store is not compatible with the latest technology you could be missing out on potential buyers. Using the latest web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 will ensure you are capitalising on this ever increasing market share of mobile shoppers.


Re Brand

When you update your eBay store regularly you are telling your visitors that there is something new within your store and you’ll keep them coming back. The more frequently they visit your store the more likely they are to purchase from you.

In such a competitive market place you need to ensure that you are standing out from the crowd, and great store design will give you the edge over your competition. Keeping your products fresh and your store updated is equally as important, and will allow you to keep the advantage you have gained over your competition with your outstanding store design.


Signature is a fully hosted and managed design platform which empowers sellers with everything they need to update their eBay store without having to worry about all the ‘techy stuff’ which normally comes with running and growing an eBay business.


To find out just how Frooition Signature can help grow your eBay business, experience Signature now.

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