eBay Seller Release 12.2 :: eBay.co.uk Improving Listing Visibility (UK)

Sellers can enjoy increased sales as eBay make several new updates to further enhance the online buyer’s shopping experience.

These latest set of updates enhance product listings, refine categories and improve the product search function. Check out these latest updates below:

(Please note, this is just a guide, always refer to your relevant eBay website for the latest accurate information)

Improving Listing Visibility

Key Highlights

Gallery View Update – Autumn 2012

  • Research has shown the larger the product display image the more sales that product receives, as a result eBay are improving their product search pages with an enhanced gallery view from August.
  • This new gallery view experience is already live in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories.
  • eBay are currently testing new gallery enhancements to enhance the eBay experience, these include:
    • Partial title display
      Only part of listing titles will be displayed – the full item title would appear when a buyer hovers over an item picture.
    • Colour swatches

Multi-variation listings will display colour swatches to indicate other available product colours for the particular listing.

Category and Item Specific Changes – September 2012

  • eBay are constantly advancing their product structure to create a more intuitive buying and selling experience. In this latest update eBay are reviewing category fees, structure and item specifics. The following top level categories are being updated on eBay.co.uk:
    • Art
    • Business, Office & Industrial
    • Cameras & Photography
    • Clothes, Shoes & Accessories
    • Computer/Tablets & Networking
    • DVDs, Films & TV
    • Home & Garden
    • Jewellery & Beauty
    • Music
    • Musical Instruments
    • Vehicle Parts & Accessories
    • Video Games & Consoles
    • Wholesale & Job Lots
    • Everything Else
    • New category movement and fee changes:
Current Category Current Final Value Fees New Category New Final Value Fees From 11th September
Home & Garden: Shower Accessories: Shower Radios 9% Sound & Vision: Portable Disc Players & Radios: Portable Radios 5%

Note: Due to these fee changes items listed in Home & Garden: Shower Accessories: Shower Radios will no longer receive free pictures.

  • From 11th September the following categories and items will be removed from eBay:
    • Home & Garden: Metaphysical & New Age: Spells, Charms & Magic
    • Home & Garden: Metaphysical & New Age: Clairvoyance & Readings
    • Everything Else: Information Products: How-To Guides
    • Everything Else: Information Products: Wholesale Lists
    • Art: Artists (Self-Representing): Digital Art
    • Art: Digital Art

Catalogue Changes – August 2012

  • From 28th August the following categories will have been added to the eBay Catalogue.
    • CPUs / Processors
    • Server CPUs / Processors
    • Motherboards
    • PC Desktops & All-in-Ones (added 15th August)

Important Note: Listing’s with an exact match on eBay’s catalogue which are not listed with eBay catalogue will receive limited exposure in search results and may be subject to other limiting actions including removal – consider listing with eBay catalogue at every opportunity.

  • In order to maximise your search exposure through Google Product ensure you include product identifiers whenever possible for your products. Without a product identifier your products will not appear in Google Product searches and you will not benefit from additional traffic.

Don’t forget you can use eBay catalogue for product matching or you can manually enter these details through item specifics (UPC, ISBN, EAN, MPN etc).

Manufacturer Warranty and Electronics – September 2012

  • From 25th September, sellers must include a manufacturer warranty when listing ‘New’ and ‘New other’ Electronics products using an item specific field. Don’t forget to clarify what the manufacturer warranty covers in the item description to prevent buyer confusion and to increase buyer confidence.

This would look something similar to:

New Item Condition Box – October 2012

  • In order to boost buyer confidence and better meet buyer expectations eBay.co.uk are increasing the prominence of the product listing item condition; item conditions will be displayed higher up on product listing pages. Non-new items will have the ability to add more details into a free text box.

This will look something similar to:


As a seller how does this affect me?

As a seller these latest updates help to enhance the visibility of your listings, inspire greater buyer confidence and increase your sales.

What do I need to do as a seller?

  • Familiarise yourself with the latest updates.
  • Use the eBay catalogue at every opportunity to increase listing accuracy and to maintain sales.

Top Tips

  • Use the eBay catalogue to list items at every opportunity to improve your listing efficiency and accuracy of listings.
  • Enter product numbers (GTIN, UPC, EAN, MPN etc) where possible on all your listings to improve search exposure both on eBay and in off-eBay searches such as Google Products.
  • Check your listings carefully to increase accuracy.
  • Try to detail a manufacturer’s warranty at every opportunity to further increase buyer confidence.
  • Try to use consistent product pictures across all of your products.
  • Look to use similar professional photo’s throughout your listings to create a professional ‘fee’.
  • If you’re taking the photo’s yourself, try to use the same camera, at the same photo distance for all of your shots to further enhance a consistent experience.
  • Monitor eBay analytics to test the effectiveness of different product photos.

Check back tomorrow for a detailed release on SR12.2 eBay.co.uk ‘Improving your listing visibility Continued’

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