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Today’s buyers have higher and higher expectations wanting things delivered almost the instant they make a purchase online. In efforts to better meet these buyer expectations and enhance eBay’s buying experience eBay are introducing a new badge of confidence and updating their duplicate auction listing policy.

Check out these latest updates below:

(Please note, this is just a guide, always refer to your relevant eBay website for the latest accurate information)

Improving Listing Visibility

Key Highlights

eBay Fast ‘N Free – October 2012

  • From October, listings that offer free postage and an estimated delivery date within 3 working days will benefit from increased recognised exposure with eBay’s Fast ‘N Free logo.
  • Where listings meet the above criteria this new badge of confidence will appear next to listings in search result pages, on the item listings and at the checkout pages; increasing buyer traffic, buyer confidence and sales.

Fact: Research indicates this new badge of confidence can benefit sellers with increased listing sales between 4-6%.

The new eBay Fast ‘N Free logo looks something similar to:

  • eBay look to change the estimated delivery date to further support the eBay buying experience. For example, a listing that typically displayed 1-2 working days will now display a date range between Monday 13th August and Tuesday 14th August. eBay estimation delivery dates will take into account bank holidays and the typical working week Monday to Friday (listings that specify Saturday deliveries will also display accordingly).

Duplicate Listing Policy Auction Listings – September 2012

  • From the 3rd of September, auction-style listings with buy it now will be treated as a fixed price listing.
  • You won’t be able to create a fixed price listing and an auction-style listing with buy it now for the same item.
  • You won’t be able to create multiple auction-style listings with buy it now for the same item.

As a seller how does this affect me?

As a seller these latest updates help to enhance the visibility of your listings, inspire greater buyer confidence and increase your sales.

What do I need to do as a seller?

  • Familiarise yourself with the latest updates.
  • If you list auction-style listings ensure you don’t list them with buy it now.
  • If you can, consider meeting the eBay Fast ‘N Free logo requirements to test the effect this will have on your eBay listing sales – don’t forget to monitor eBay analytics!

Top Tips

  • From October, monitor listing analytics to gauge the effect of eBay’s Fast ‘N Free logo on your listings.
  • Where possible consider meeting eBay’s Fast ‘N Free logo requirements at every listing opportunity to benefit from increased recognised exposure.
  • Avoid listing duplicate items as auction style listings and fixed price listings.
  • If you have duplicate items and are not sure of the price to charge research the typical online price for those items; consider searching through eBay products, Terapeak, eBay Pulse, and Google Products. Once you’ve established a price create a fixed price listing with the correct stock level.

Still struggling to price your item?

Consider running one auction-style listing to gauge the price interest point, once this listing has finished create a fixed price listing with the correct stock level at the key price point.

Check back tomorrow for a detailed release on SR12.2 eBay.co.uk ‘Supporting your business’

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